Theme Hospital PC Cheats

Rating 10

Level skip

Press C on the board game screen before a level starts, then click on any part of the board to advance to that level.

Rating 6

Shorter waiting times

To reduce the waiting time of the GP's office down, build two GP's offices when you first start at the hospital. When your hospital starts to get busy, especially in future levels, think about installing another reception desk.

Rating 6

Happier patients

Place a lot of radiators, turn the heating up, but not too high because people will overheat and become sick. Place a plant in every room and at least two in every separate block. Also, place a lot of drinks machines.

Rating 5

Level select

For a level select option, start the game using the "hospital -L" command line.

Rating 4

Multiple items

Hold SHIFT while clicking on an object to put in a room (for example, a radiator, bed, etc.) to get five of them instantly. However, if you hold CTRL you will get ten of that item. This is especially useful when placing the chairs that your patients like so much.

Rating 3

Less breakdowns

To reduce the number of machines that break down, place a fire extinguisher next to the machine. Note: Machines will still break down, but not as often.

Rating 3

Staff and patients jog in place glitch

Build a bathroom, hire a Receptionist, and drop her inside the bathroom. The bathroom door will disappear, and anyone who wants to enter or get out will jog in place on the entrance to the bathroom.

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

Enter 24328 into the fax machine and activate the green button to enable cheat mode. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Add $10,000 to total - SHIFT + C
Add up to $9999999999 - LEFT SHIFT + RIGHT SHIFT + C
Earthquake - SHIFT + Q
Emergency - CTRL + E
All research completed - CTRL + C
Create patient at pointer - SHIFT + 1
Create patient off screen - 1
Create specialist doctor - SHIFT + S
Change patient's disease, target room, cause vomiting - SHIFT + I
Change patient's appearance - SHIFT + L
More money - SHIFT + C
Lose the game - F11
Win the current level - F12
Jump to end of month - CTRL + M
Jump to end of year1 - CTRL + Y
All items - SHIFT + CTRL + C

NOTE 1: Press 1, 2, or 3 repeatedly after enabling this code to view all award messages.

Rating 2

Strange staff members

Click and drop a couple members of the staff into an empty wing of the hospital, then trap them inside the wing (i.e. cover the floor with a line of plants). There has to be no way for them to escape. After they are all trapped, click on any or all of them, and fire them. Watch what happens. Different things happen to Doctors, nurses, etc. This always works in the demo, if the staff are trapped in the south-east wing and the narrow passageway is blocked with plants.

Rating 2

Remove trash from floor

Use the following trick to remove trash, vomit, and rat blood that handymen leave around, as well as rat holes in the walls. Pick up a plant, chair, radiator, or drink machine and place it on the dirty floor tile. Return the item to its previous place (optional) or repeat the process on another item.

Rating 2

Bonus level

When you are brought up with the fax machine, click on the buttons 24328, Green Button, 7287, Green Button, 999. You will hear a telephone ring louder than the others to confirm correct code entry. After completing the level, you will be brought to the "Rat Shoot" level. Complete that level, and you will be brought back to the game board. However, this time you will see your pointer. Hold C and click on the other piece (to the left of the screen and in the shape of a lady that is green). If nothing happens, release C. If done correctly, you will se a short FMV sequence and will be brought to a secret level. The game may restart after a while, but it will not damage your progress. If it does not reset, you will eventually see pregnant women.

Rating 0

Better start hints

-When firstbuilding your hospital, set the game speed on slowest. This will give you plenty of time to build the hospital. Once you are done, select the option that will open your hospital. This will allow you open sooner than the other hospitals. Once you are done, set the game speed to fastest to start getting patients in.

-An excellent way to get started is to build all your rooms in the order of appearance (GP's Office, General Diagnosis, Psychiatry, etc.) and hire your reception desk and buy her a desk. Use a simple method to make sure all your patients are happy. For instance, in every room put one of every extra item in. In the GP's office put in a Bin, Plant, Fire Extinguisher, and Radiator. Every room you make, put in all the windows you can, as this does not cost much and makes your staff happier; not to mention it causes no problems. Putting in all the extra items not only makes your staff happier, but also gives you the added benefits (Having Bins means less littering, Fire Extinguishers cut down on machine breakdown, etc.) Once you make a couple rooms, start by buying ten benches and surround the GP's office with it, and any other spaces. Next, for every room you make, put a Soda Machine next to the door. When patients wait, they will eventually cave in and buy a soda. For every room other than the GP's office where you put ten benches, put three benches near each room for patients waiting there. If there is space and if desired, arrange ten Plants along a wall. Having these Plants makes the patients happier and healthier. Furnish the Staff Room and make it as big as possible. More amenities not only mean quick recoveries, but happier staff and better performance. For any Training Rooms you may be building, make them big by putting in only one desk, so that only one student is being taught. Fill whatever remaining space with skeletons and bookcases. This is a great way to give your trainee a super boost. If you have rat infestations, you will notice little mouse holes in your walls. Get a Soda Machine you have already bought and place it up against the wall with the hole. Then, return it to its former position. The mouse hole is now gone. This trick also works for litter. Get a Soda Machine and place it on the tile which has litter or vomit and it will disappears. Having specialist Handymen is recommended. For example, hire three Handymen when possible. Set one to do nothing but water plants, the other to clean up litter, and the third to tend to the machines. Since machines take awhile to break down, the one who does nothing but machines will assist the other handymen with their chores. Note: To set what the Handyman should do more of, select him, then choose the symbol of what you want him to do the most. Remember to give doctors special positions. Assign one doctor to run the GP's Office. Get another doctor with psychiatry experience and make him your psychiatrist. This helps because if the GP's Office Doctor goes to rest, the Psychiatrist Doctor can take over. Turn up the heat all the way, and look at your hospital map. Strategically place radiators to fill up any black spots. There is no way to fully eradicate the heat problem, but this at least stops them from complaining. For any VIPs that come around, try getting everyone cured as quickly as possible. Do not kill anyone, clean up any mess with the Soda Machine trick, and try to get your doctors as rested up as possible so that they do not look angry. The highest positive response you can receive from a VIP is "That's a Super Hospital. And I should know, I've been in a few." You also get a $1,500 cash grant. In later levels, things might start getting busy. When starting a new level that you know is going to get hectic, set a space for two reception desks side by side and hire the receptionists for them. Put two GP's Offices side by side as well, and hire two doctors to head it up. In case there is a rush, you will have more open diagnosis available. Never guess on the cure; this will kill patients if you are wrong. Save the game when one of the little green question marks appear (turn off autosave so this does not cause problems), then take a guess at the cure. If the patient gets cured, great job. If he dies, load the game from the previous file and send the patient home. By doing this, you can cure who you can, and prevent deaths at the same time.

-During an emergency, save the game before selecting the icon. See what it is and what the status of those doctors and rooms are. Then, load the saved game and set it on the slowest speed. Get your doctors in the correct place (for example, rest them up a bit in the staff room first or put them in the room needed for the emergency) before you select the icon. It is also a good idea for the emergencies which take a while and have more than six people to have two rooms ready (for example, Psychiatric, Fracture Clinic, Slack Tongue room, etc.). If you have two rooms ready and they still go to only one, place a reception desk and receptionist by them and select the door for the room on which they are queuing. RIGHT CLICK on the people towards the back of the queue and send them to reception. She will then send them to the other room. This allows you to easily do the high amounts of people in the required time.

Rating 0

Highest rank

The highest VIP remark possible is actually: "What a storming hospital. When I'm next seriously ill take me there!" (Cash Grant $4,000).

Rating 0

Jump to a rat shoot level after the current level

Enter "7287" into the fax machine and activate the green button.