Theme Park PC Cheats

Rating 2

Drive on water glitch

If you put the entranceway of the race car ride by a complete rubber tubing track, your customers can literally drive on water. The same thing happens for the race car ride, only you use the rubber tubing entranceway.

Rating 2

Corkscrew on monorail glitch

You can put a corkscrew on the monorail track. This may cause game to crash.

Rating 2

Super park

Enter "DEMO" as a nickname at the startup screen. A Megapark for all the rides but some defaults such as rides not open and bad roller coasters will be available. Note: You must auction your theme park in two years and select different country for this to work.

Rating 2

Avoid getting stuck

Fill areas where the kids get stuck (such as in between the Big Car Ride) with trees, lakes, and other objects, so that they bounce off and end up somewhere else easier.

Rating 1

No loans

Enter "DISNEYLAND" as a nickname at the startup screen.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Enter "HORZA" as a nickname at the startup screen. Begin a new game and enter "HORZA" to the name list to enable cheat mode. Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat:

$50,000 - SHIFT + C
All rides - ALT + Z
All shops - CTRL+ Z
Trees, bathrooms, and other facilities - [Shift] + Z

Rating 1

Teleportation glitch

Sometimes when the kids go into a queue path or something similar, they will teleport to a grassy area of the park.

Rating 0

Unable to change age glitch

In the information menu, click where it reads "Age". Hold 1, then click on something else. If done correctly, your age will change to 127 and you will not be able to change your name.

Rating 0

Multi stops glitch

You can put multiple stations on a monorail track, as well as all the other customizable rides. However, this does not work as well as you may think.