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Thief: Deadly Shadows Cheats "Easy faction increase with Pagans" (PC)


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Easy faction increase with Pagans

Purchase about 15 fire arrows. Get at least one of each of the other elemental arrows (water, moss, and gas). You can get a gas arrow by climbing the wall by the Pagans that are standing by the note from Shaman Dyan. Note: Climbing gloves are sold in the store at the Docks for 2K gold. Go to the Pagan territory in the Docks, but make sure you are already neutral with them so you will not get attacked because the fire arrows make a lot of noise and produce a massive amount of light that you cannot escape from. Stand anywhere outside of the entrance to the territory so you can get a shot at the elemental cocoon (the two big tusks sticking out of the ground with blue orbs strapped to them). Shoot one of each of your elemental arrows at it, as described in the "Notes" section of your goals. After that you can use the fire arrows and continue shooting the cocoon with them and gain faction. Do this until your status with the Pagans is "Allied". You can now enter the Pagan territory without getting mauled. If you try to use any other arrow besides the fire arrows, the Pagan standing by the boxes will comment "You be a fool", therefore hinting that you cannot use that arrow again yet.

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