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Thief: Deadly Shadows Cheats "Fond Memories of the Cradle" (PC)


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Fond Memories of the Cradle

Note: "Memory" is in cradle's memory aspect, as inmate with staff roaming the halls. "Normal" is when Garrett and puppets roam the halls. After talking to Laurel in the attic you can decide to skip sneaking around with the toys by closing yourself in the cell and using your arsenal against the staff. You can avoid racing through your arsenal by using the knife to backstab the puppets and staff when they are not looking. Staff will keel over and when dead, puppets back off. Quick save and directly hit them with flashbombs after stabbing them to keep them down. -Instead of grabbing and using one toy at a time, grab all the toys. You now can enter or leave the memories at will at any of the special spots. That way, you can avoid losing the toys by going back to "normal", going to the special spot nearest to your destination, and entering "memory" there. You can ease you journey through "memory" by picking and opening all the doors and leaving traps such as mines, holy water puddles, or burning oil puddles while in "normal" before you cross over to "memory". For example, in the lobotomy theater where you get the dissolution serum, make a holy water puddle between the stairs and operating table. When you go into "memory", the staff worker patrolling around the table will walk into the puddle and keel over, making it easier to get to the serum.

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