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Thief: The Dark Project Cheats "Mission" (PC)


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If you are tired of the guards and you want to explore properly without being caught, use the following trick. From the start, enter through the gate and look around. Try to upset as many as guards you can by going in secret rooms (ones with red hammer symbols by door) and getting the guards to raise the alarm. An increasing number of guards will follow you the more you go around the house in circles. Save your game once you have done this, as you may end up in a dead end. Once you think you have got enough on your trail, try to find the entrance (the way that you came in) and go out. Jump down the side streets (the pits on either side of the door) and shoot up your rope arrow. Wait until all the guards run off down the path to search for you. It will take about thirty seconds for them to get to you. Immediately go up the rope arrow and jump back onto the bridge. While they are down there, you will have no problem getting back inside before they reach you. Go back in and pull down the lever on the right as you enter. The door will close and you will have successfully locked them outside. There may be a few guards remaining. Go around and kill them. Save your game after killing each guard. Places where guards may possibly still be are: in the chapel; at the very bottom floor (where the coffins are located); and on the floor where the bedrooms are located (first floor down the stairs). Once you believe that you have killed every guard, you will be free to carry on with your mission and find everything in peace. Note: There could be guards there that you may not have noticed for a long time; be on your guard and keep your sword drawn.

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