Thief: The Dark Project PC Cheats

Rating 4

Level skip

This trick requires the v1.33 patch. Press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + END during game play.

Rating 3

Zombies strategies

-If you are fast enough, pick up a zombie and throw it in the river or water. It will vanish.

-Use Holy Water Arrows to defeat zombies. Holy Water is found in fonts or bottles. Bottles are displayed in your inventory and can be purchased at the beginning of your mission. You can also pick some up from fonts or elsewhere in the game. Shoot the zombies twice and they will blast apart. You must be fast with Holy Water, as it turns into ordinary water after maybe thirty seconds, after which it has no effect on zombies. Use it wisely. The only weapons that work against zombies are Holy Water Arrows. Nothing else works. If you hit them with you sword, blackjack or anything else, they will fall onto the ground, but will get back up again. If you find yourself helpless against one, quickly escape by running around until you jump up a ledge, go through water, go up ladders, or go up lifts.

-Despite what most believe, Holy Water arrows are not the only way to kill zombies. Blast them with two Fire Arrows and they will explode in the same way as they do with Holy Water.

Rating 2

Level select

This trick requires the v1.33 patch. Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "dark.cfg" file in the game directory. Add the line "starting_mission " to that file. Then, select the "New Game" option to play that level.

Rating 1

Unlimited arrows glitch

Go to the Haunted Cathedral and go to the pedestal where you are supposed to light the torches with fire arrows. Go through the passage that opens up, then go inside the building. Bring a piece of a statue with you. Once you are in there, throw the piece on the very edge of one of the tiles (the ones that trigger arrows when stepped on). Note: There might be only one tile that works. If done correctly, arrows will start shooting out of the wall and get stuck in a wooden pillar. You can collect as many arrows as desired. The arrows will not stop until you take piece of the statue off the tile.

Rating 1

Lord Bafford's Manor

Enter the hedge/grass-type areas upstairs via rope climbing form the pool room. Go up the steps when in that area and find the symbol flags in the hall. If on the correct side, cut it down and it will open a passage way to the throne room. This is also useful when you are trying for no commotion and no deaths. It also avoids a Gold guard and the trouble he causes with that key.

Rating 0

Basketball court

Continue through the training section until reaching the courtyard. Fight with the guard until he retreats, then hit him until he stops. Take the key from the table and enter the area where the guard originally appeared. Move to the end of the hall and use the key on the door. Enter the door to reach a court containing a ball and scroll.

Rating 0

Extra money

This trick requires the v1.33 patch. Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "dark.cfg" file in the game directory. Add the line "cash_bonus" to that file. To add a specific amount to your money, add the line "cash_bonus ".

Rating 0


During the level Undercover, there is a way to kill all of the Hammerites without causing any commotion. Find a hammer in one of the rooms. When you see a Hammerite and no one else is around, throw the hammer at them a few times until they fall over and die. Even as you are in the process of killing of them, they will not get mad. Then, throw the body in a random room where no one will find it. You can now go in all the forbidden rooms and steal all the gold desired without getting caught.

Rating 0

Return to the cathedral

When starting level, collect as many skulls and bones as possible from the ground surrounding the cathedral. When you open the front double doors, throw these skulls and bones down the path of the doors, forcing them to remain open. Later, when you have the eye, return to these double doors and exit the cathedral this way. You will have completed the mission.

Rating 0


If you are tired of the guards and you want to explore properly without being caught, use the following trick. From the start, enter through the gate and look around. Try to upset as many as guards you can by going in secret rooms (ones with red hammer symbols by door) and getting the guards to raise the alarm. An increasing number of guards will follow you the more you go around the house in circles. Save your game once you have done this, as you may end up in a dead end. Once you think you have got enough on your trail, try to find the entrance (the way that you came in) and go out. Jump down the side streets (the pits on either side of the door) and shoot up your rope arrow. Wait until all the guards run off down the path to search for you. It will take about thirty seconds for them to get to you. Immediately go up the rope arrow and jump back onto the bridge. While they are down there, you will have no problem getting back inside before they reach you. Go back in and pull down the lever on the right as you enter. The door will close and you will have successfully locked them outside. There may be a few guards remaining. Go around and kill them. Save your game after killing each guard. Places where guards may possibly still be are: in the chapel; at the very bottom floor (where the coffins are located); and on the floor where the bedrooms are located (first floor down the stairs). Once you believe that you have killed every guard, you will be free to carry on with your mission and find everything in peace. Note: There could be guards there that you may not have noticed for a long time; be on your guard and keep your sword drawn.