Thing, The PC Cheats

Rating 4

Persuade a person

When someone's trust is in the orange and they won't do anything for you, enter first person mode and aim the gun at their head for three seconds. They will then do things for you without good trust.

Rating 3

Enable game saves

Note: This procedure requires editing a registry value; do not attempt this if you are not familiar with working with your system registry, as a mistake can cause serious problems with Windows. Start Regedit and use the "Registry/Export Registry File" menu option to create a backup copy of your original registry. Go to the following entry:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Computer Artworks/TheThing/1.0

Create a string value by selecting "Edit/New/String Value" menu option. Name it DoInGameLoadSave and press ENTER. Right click on the "DoInGameLoadSave" entry, click "Modify" then type 1 at the "Value Data" field and press ENTER. Exit and save the modified registry. "Load Game" and "Save Game" selections will now appear in the options menu when you press ESC during game play. Note: Do not use "Load Game" option in that menu, as it does not work properly (go back to the main menu instead); however the save option works as expected. The saved game name will be called "TestGameName".

Rating 2

Third Boss strategies

  • Quickly circle around the Boss while shooting it with the machine gun. When it is low on health, use the flame thrower to finish it off. If done correctly, you can kill it without being hit. After killing the Boss, the Thing in the glass in the room will break out, and the door will be opened with a few guards.

  • This Boss has a sweet spot. If you get directly under it, it will not attack. When you get under it, shoot like crazy until its health is in the red, then burn it.

  • Place Peltola in front of you in the room, just before you enter the room where the Boss resides. Inch him into the doorway. When the door fully opens, push him in and fire at the same time. He will enter with you and fight. Use him for his fire power and to keep the walker distracted while you attack the big Boss. Peltola will die during the battle.

  • When you enter the room where the shooting ranges are located, there is a control tower with two guards. Kill them and link up with the engineer being held in that room. Whatever you do, do not shoot him. Have him fix the junction box to open a door that will allow you to save your game in that area. Then, get the key to the Boss in the weapons research room. When you open that door, there are two guards. Kill them, then push the engineer in front of the next door. Keep walking and push the engineer until the door opens. You will then see the creature in the glass container. Shoot the container and the creature will run after you. Keep shooting the creature, then draw him outside of that room. Once you have him outside, it will be easier to kill him without losing heath in the process. After killing that creature, save the game. However, make sure that you are fully stocked with ammunition, and will have some to come back to after killing this Boss. Once you save the game, load the game. That creature in the case is no longer there. You no longer have to worry about hitting the glass and trying to defeat both of them at the same time. The Boss is easy to defeat. Run sideways and shoot at the same time. Use the shotgun to get the Boss down to the red. However, if you get down to where you only have five clips remaining, switch over to the machine gun. You will need your shotgun ammunition to complete the game. After killing the Boss, there will be a few guards that will come after you. Kill them, then the building will begin to blow up. Run back the same way that you came in. When you get to the ramp, you must kill two creatures and three more guards. When you exit to the ventilation shaft back to where you started the game, must kill four or five warthog-looking things. Make sure you have a good supply of fuel for the flamethrower. When you get onto the ledge leading you to the elevator, the creature will run up the hill towards you. Run back to the ventilation shaft and crawl in. They cannot enter. Shoot and burn them from that ventilation shaft. By doing this, they will not take any life from you.

Rating 2

Automatic guns

When you wake up on the operating table after being captured by Whitley, you can use the automatic guns in the hallway outside to trap the Walker there. The control for the gun is in the room where the medic is.

Rating 2

Unlimited flares

Highlight "Flare" and enable it, but do not throw it down. When it is low, press LEFT or RIGHT and highlight another object. Then, highlight "Flare" again. It will have restarted and you will not lose another one.

Rating 2


Never give anyone a flamethrower. Not only can they accidentally toast you, but it seems to give that person a higher chance of turning into a Thing. Even if you have more than one flamethrower, do not give an extra to someone else.

Rating 2

Defeating the second big Thing

  • Go into to his garage and fix the electrical panel that operates the hoist. Step back towards the middle of the big door. There is an opening between two of the crates. Using your grenade launcher in first person targeting, send in a grenade. If the Thing turns its head toward you, then you have him targeted. Continue sending in grenades until he starts burning. You can send in a few more if desired for extra fun. Run into the Thing's room and on the far wall from the big door is a switch. Throw the switch and watch as the Thing dies. You will probably take one hit from him.

  • When you first get in the large door, use the previously described trick to bring the medic in. Use your sniper rifle to shoot it to get its attention, then shoot at it for awhile with any of the guns. After that, get between the crack of the two crates near the winch power box and enter first person mode. Aim at the ground with the flamethrower and the Thing will catch on fire. Make sure to have lots of flamethrower ammo to do this.

  • Use all 25 of your grenades from behind the crates to take it out.

  • Equip your flamethrower and activate the switch with the blue spark, then move back slightly and face the Thing. If it does not see you, but you see it, start to shoot flames at it. This will take some time since you have to get to a far enough distance so that the flame can reach the big Thing.

  • When you enter the big room from the tunnels, kill all the creatures in that room. When you have the room secured, save the game. Turn around to the door that leads to the tunnels. To the left of that door is a group of boxes. Behind those boxes, you will see orange grenades. However, you cannot get back there. Walk back a safe distance and shoot one of the grenades. This will blow one of the boxes close, so you can get behind there. You will also find a grenade launcher. Use it to defeat the Boss and not lose any life in the process. Make sure you are fully stocked with grenades, mainly the high explosive ones, but you will need all you can get to defeat him. If you need more grenades, run back into the tunnel to the end. Save the game again, then go into the room where you have to electrocute the Boss. When you enter that room, there is a row of boxes. Walk towards the end where the broken junction box is located. You will see a gap in the two rows. Take out the grenade launcher and line up your shot to hit the creature between the rows of boxes. You should see his top left shoulder. If not, shoot him or electrocute him once, then run back behind the boxes. The creature cannot touch while behind the boxes. You must hit him on the shoulder for this to work. Fire one grenade at a time and be careful not to blow yourself up. If this is done correctly, you will kill him with no loss of life.

Rating 2

Hidden trailer

Remain idle for about one minute at the main menu to view a longer, uncut television trailer for the game.

Rating 2

Keeping your team together

Listen to your team as they will tell you how they feel. If you hear someone say something similar to "We're gonna die", check the team menu and see how he is doing. If there is an X across his face while he is shaking uncontrollably, bring out the Tazer and shock him. Wait for him to calm down, move out of the area, then give him back his gun. He might be bitter, but after you kill a few more things he will be fine. Otherwise, he might start shooting you and your team, ending with himself in the head.

Rating 2


When starting the game, go back a couple of feet to find another MP5 (machine gun).

Rating 1

Blood Test Kits

Save Blood Test Kits for showing your team that you are not infected to gain trust. Using them on a team member is useless because they get randomly infected, and usually break out within a minute of infection.

Rating 1


Always use the Blowtorch while stepping backwards slowly or else you will fry your feet.

Rating 1

Helicopter pilot and Whitley glitch

Activate the "Enable game saves" code. While in the helicopter fighting the end Boss, press ESC and save the game. When you load it, you will not be on the helicopter. Instead, you will be behind all of the snowy mountains and see Whitely and the helicopter pilot models stuck together. At first you will not see yourself. Press FIRST PERSON VIEW once (do not hold it). You will now see your character in third person view. You can separate Whitely and helicopter pilot by shooting them. However, you will be unable to move.

Rating 1

Cheat Mode

Note: This procedure requiresediting a registry value; do not attempt this if you are not familiar with working with your system registry, as a mistake can cause serious problems with Windows. Start Regedit and use the "Registry/Export Registry File" menu option to create a backup copy of your original registry. Go to the following entry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Computer Artworks/TheThing/1.0

Make a string value by selecting "Edit/New/String Value" menu option. Name it one of the following "String Value" names and press ENTER. Right click on the "String Value" name entry that you just created, click "Modify" then type 1 at the "Value Data" field and press ENTER to activate that code. Note: Replace 1 with a 0 to disable an activated code. Exit and save the modified registry. Note: Cheats will work after a new level is loaded -- loading a saved game will not activate them.

All weapons FullWeaponEquip
Level select DoLevelSelect
Unlimited health NPCs NPCInvulnerable
Unlimited health for player PlayerInvulnerable

Rating 1

Level 6 (Strata Medi-Lab)

During the level where you start with no weapons, go toward the spark and fix the junction box. Open the door where the walker is located, run behind the table, and wait for him. Run out where he was and close the door. He will be trapped in there for now. Get the ammo near the dead body and go to where the medic is located. Note: Do not turn on the switch on the side of the camera. Give him the ammo and have him follow you. Go down the hallway. There will be an explosion, but it will not hurt you. Go past it, then go forward until you see the man. Do not open the door. Fix the junction box and open the door to the left. Save and get the medi packs in the room. Have your man stay there and close him in. Go back to where you trapped the walker and open the door. Run to where you found the medic and have him come in. Then, go past him and look at him just inside the door. Just as he attacks, go back, strafe right, and lock him in. Go back to your man and he will heal you. Have him follow you. Go back in the room with the "probe table" and open the other door. Two scuttlers will attack, but your medic will kill them. Take your medic outside the door by the walker who is trapped. Have him stay there, then go back and open the big door. You will see big experiments everywhere, but there will be an injured man in the back. Heal him, then run to your medic. Close the door and make sure your men are with you. Have him fix the junction box that goes to the armory. A few Scuttlers will attack, but just go in and get equipped. Give one man a pistol, some ammunition to your medic, and ammunition, a medi pack, and flamethrower for yourself. Go to the man you saw behind the door. Take out your machine gun and open the door. Shoot him until the aim turns red, then change to flamethrower and burn him. Then, go in. You need to go to the room to the left and hit the first switch and the last switch. Then, go through into the room. There will be some Scuttlers here. Kill them all, then open Cell 6. Only have him come with you. Go back to the save room and save the game, then go past the save room to the door that will not work. Have your men stay there. Go to Cell 3 and look in the back. There is a vent. Shoot it open in first person mode. Crawl through, and on the other side, walk across. There will be two flame grenades. Pick them up. Look down to see two walkers. Jump past them and run to the door on the left behind the wall thing. Have your men follow you. Take out the flamethrower and kill the walkers. Note: Save the flame grenades, as they help at the next Boss. Afterthey are dead, head in and have your engineer fix the junction box. Get on the computer and get the code for the elevator. The elevator is where the man transformed at. Note: Go to the armory and stock up on ammunition; do not forget the tazer.

Rating 1

Shutting doors

Always shut the door of the room you walk into, if you can. For example, on the level where you have to kill all the walkers, a walker will enter from the front door if you do not shut it.

Rating 1


Always keep medics alive because medical packs can be few and far between. If you want your medic to heal a member of the team, tell your team to stay, then push your medic into the wounded team member. If he is hurt enough, the medic will heal him.

Rating 1

Get a doctor to follow you into a fight with the Thing

To get a doctor in the same room with you during your battle with the second giant Thing, firstalk to the large garage door. Get the doctor close to the door as well. Then, tell him to not follow you anymore. Push him as close to the door as possible; and close enough to you that when you flip the switch to open the door he will not move. Before flipping the switch, tell him to follow you again. Flip the switch and when you are shown in the locked room with the second giant Thing, he should be beside you. Use him to heal you during the fight with the Thing.

Rating 0

Make Whitley follow you

  • Stun Grenades (found in the back of the room with Boss 3), Blood Test Kit (found in the same room), and the Grenade Launcher (in the save room down the hall from Boss 3) are required. Starting after third Boss fight (hanging tentacle monster), backtrack your way out of the weapons lab, back up the air vent, and to the "mine" elevator. As soon as you reach the surface, strafe left, and equip both the Grenade Launcher and Stun Grenades. If you step forward at all, it triggers an intermission sequence you have to die and start the level over. Go into first person mode and aim up the corridor, parallel with the bottom of the last metal wall panel. Launch a grenade and quickly walk forward. The intermission sequence will trigger, but Whitley will stand still instead of running off. Now, quickly run ahead of him (preferably block his path to slow him down) and use the Blood Test Kit. He now trusts you enough to follow orders. Order him to follow you (otherwise he walks around the corner triggering guards to attack) and give him a weapon. You now have backup. He only lasts a brief amount of time, and will disappear roughly halfway up the snow corridor, which appears scripted. However, every bit of backup firepower helps in that spot.

  • In the finallevel where you have to find Whitley as an objective, as you stand in the elevator strafe left and launch a grenade just outside the opening. If done correctly, you can bring Whitley with you to help kill all the troopers. Note: You have to give him some weaponry.

Rating 0

Two medics

During the level where you must find Faraday, do not hit the switches until you have met the medic downstairs. Bring him up to the top of the ramps and tell him to stay. Hit the switches and go to find Faraday. Leave and on your way out, the medic will not have turned. You will get two medics for the remainder of the level.

Rating 0

Saving ammunition

Avoid giving all your team members the same weapon because your ammo will go quickly. A good combination is you with a Shotgun or Machine gun, your second man with the one you are not using, then a Pistol. The rest depends on your ammo supply.

Rating 0

Skip first Boss battle

  • When first encountering the Thing Boss, hold UP/LEFT to run diagonally and you should run under it before it can hit you. This will also aim you directly at the junction box. Immediately start fixing it. Once it is almost fixed, hold Right to run through the door. Since he will still keep fixing it as long as you do not release the button, with luck it will be fixed before the Boss attacks for the third time. At the intermission sequence you tend to take off in a random direction, so this may take a few attempts -- save immediately before trying this. If successfully completed, you will lose only about half a bar of health and no ammo, making the next area much easier.

  • Hang back in the back left corner of the room where you are out of reach from the Boss. Wait there patiently, and after awhile the Boss will knock out the lights. A bit later, he will lean over to the right of the room, as though inspecting something there. Choose this moment when he is leaning to the right to make a run for the switch you need to fix to get through the door. You can get by without too much loss of health (less than half).

Rating 0

Keep Williams

During the level where you must gain access to the weather station, go to the side of the building to your right. Toss a grenade under the vent and the door will be blown off, allowing access. If you had gone in regularly, Williams would have turned into a Thing. Using this trick will save many medikits for the levels ahead

Rating 0

Final Boss strategies

  • Go in the helicopter. When the pink tentacle appears from its back, pump it full of lead. Then, hit the mouth part. When you get knocked to the ground or near it, blow up one of the barrels and watch it burn. Repeat this until an intermission sequence starts.

  • After killing all the snipers sitting on top of the building, go back inside. Get warmed up and run to the left of the building where the snipers where sitting. When you go down the trench, a few intermission sequences will play. You will now be in a helicopter. You do not need to have any life to defeat this Boss. When you fly towards the creature, you will see a pink tentacle appear. Shoot it. After shooting the tentacle and it sucks back into the creature, aim the machine gun to the ground and shoot the four groups of barrels. You can shoot all the barrels on the first pass, but make sure to shoot the tentacle first before going for the barrels. After all four groups of barrels are on fire and burning the creature, you will make about three or four passes shooting the creature and the tentacle.

Rating 0

Being watchful

Always keep an eye on your team. If you see someone doing odd things, such as not shooting at enemies when they appear, or moving rather far away from you when your walking, be on alert as this could be a sign of infection. However, do not waste a Blood Test Kit on him to see if you are correct. Just be on alert because they could mutate at any second. This also goes for you as well; if your team sees you doing the same things, they will question your trust and might attack you.