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Three Kingdoms: Fate Of The Dragon PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Press ENTER, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

God mode for selected units - !obj+god! or !om+superman!
Maximum level for selected generals - !obj+godblessovermax!
100,000 of all resources - !om+godblessgreed!
More of all resources - !obj+all!
More gold - !obj+gold! or !obj+moolah!
More lumber - !obj+lumber! or !obj+splinter!
More meat - !obj+rawmeat!
More corn - !obj+corn! or !obj+chips!
More food - !obj+food! or !obj+piggy!
1000 food - !obj+cheating!
More iron - !obj+iron! or !obj+ingboard!
More wine - !obj+wine! or !obj+booze!
Turbo mode - !obj+speed! or !om+gonzales!
Kill all units - !om+smartbomb!
Full map - !om+icanseeagain!
Remove fog of war - !om+fog!
Instant victory - !om+win! or !obj+outofmyway!
Display frame rate - !om+fps!
Unknown - !obj+greed!
Unknown - !om+asifbymagic!
Unknown - !om+imapuppet!
Unknown - !om+youreapuppet!

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