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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 Cheats "Shot selections hints" (PC)


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Shot selections hints

Your shot selection is important. The following is recommended:

This shot sets up 1/2 to 3/4 pitch/chip swing with various wedges for a maximum distance of 60 yards. This shot selection is great for short to medium range shots that need precision to place the ball onto the green with minimal roll.

This shot type gives the ball a low, boring flight trajectory. Since it travels less distance in the air, it minimizes the effects of wind and thereby leaves more room for roll after the ball hits the ground. This is a good shot for hitting under a tree or into a strong headwind.

This shot type gives the ball a higher trajectory and less roll. It is only available with your wedges. The farthest distance is 50 yards. This shot is used mostly to fly over obstacles like bunkers, bushes, or trees or shots that need loft to sit on the green and stick.

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