Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 PC Cheats

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Easy money hints

-Create a course and make all of the holes Black Rock Cove hole number 17 (the par 3), then play a skins game against Tiger on that course. He cannot make it up the hill onto the green. Eventually he will start to concede the hole after his first shot. Every once in awhile he will get a lucky bounce and make it on the green, but this does not happen very often. You can rack up some money and chase down Tigers 19 hole in ones.

-Play a regular traditional stroke play game with yourself and the CPU. Have Tiger as the CPU player and play a created course with Black Rock Cove hole number 17 on every hole. You should win around $30,000 for defeating him, then about $500,000 should appear when you go to the Pro Shop.

-On arcade mode, select "Skillzone", then select "Target" as the game mode and choose the Players Club course. Select your profile and play as Tiger Woods. You can earn about $70,000 in a match.

-Play in two player mode player on skins. When asked "Do you want to play for a user profile?", choose"Yes", select the desired profile, and select the same profile with player two. The money you earn in the skins is the money you get to keep added together.