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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 Cheats "Never lose at match play or skins to a CPU player" (PC)


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Never lose at match play or skins to a CPU player

When it is your turn to putt after all players are on (but not in), concede the hole right after you stroke. The game will ask if you are sure; select "Yes" as fast as possible. As long as your current putt ends up inside the others, you will effectively concede the hole on behalf of whomever is next. Just don't concede your own putt. To do this, take note of the player emblem that appears on the upper part of the screen. As long as it is not yours, you are safe to concede the putt. If it is your emblem, simply do not concede. This all must be done quickly, as the option will disappear if you are not ready to react. It may take a few clicks before the option appears, but it will appear.

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