Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 PC Cheats

Rating 6

Bigfoot sighting on Sahalee CC

-Just behind the 17th green at Sahalee CC are two yellow bushes. Behind the left bush there is a Bigfoot looking out from behind a tree.

-At the 12th hole, look to the left of the flag to see that Bigfoot makes an appearance at this hole as well.

Rating 3

Easy par 5 completion

Go to "create a course" and make all the holes par 5s. Keep doing this until you have completed them all. This saves quite a bit of time.

Rating 3

Unlockable Trophy Balls

Unlock the following trophy balls by performing the corresponding tasks:

Aces Wild trophy ball - Get a hole in one.
Back to Back Eagle trophy ball - Get two consecutive eagles.
Birdie Buster trophy ball - Get twelve birdies or better in a round.
Birdie Streak trophy ball - Get six birdies or better in a row.
Chip-In Challenge trophy ball - Hit the ball in the hole from 30 feet or farther.
Eagle Extravaganza trophy ball - Get four eagles in a round.
Eagle Hunt trophy ball - Eagle every par five.
Fairway Challenge trophy ball - Hit all the fairways in a round.
G.I.R. Challenge trophy ball - Hit all greens in regulation in a round.
Long Drive Challenge trophy ball - Hit a drive of 350 yards or longer.
Long Putt Challenge trophy ball - Get a 55 foot or longer putt.
Low Round trophy ball - Get a score of 60 or lower in a round.
Pin Seeker trophy ball - Hit the pin.
Top of the Tournaments trophy ball - Get first place in all tournaments.
World Tour trophy ball - Successfully complete the World Tour.

Rating 2

Course for greater success

Play and complete the World Tour. When you power up, put your points mostly into "Power", Power Boost", and "Putting". After that, complete the scenarios. Power up as desired. Gold medals bring in $75,000 to $100,000. Silver medals bring in $50,000 to $75,000. Bronze medals bring in $35,000 to $37,500. If you complete the above, "Tournaments", "Real-Time Events", and the other options for game play become easy.

Rating 2

Never lose at match play or skins to a CPU player

When it is your turn to putt after all players are on (but not in), concede the hole right after you stroke. The game will ask if you are sure; select "Yes" as fast as possible. As long as your current putt ends up inside the others, you will effectively concede the hole on behalf of whomever is next. Just don't concede your own putt. To do this, take note of the player emblem that appears on the upper part of the screen. As long as it is not yours, you are safe to concede the putt. If it is your emblem, simply do not concede. This all must be done quickly, as the option will disappear if you are not ready to react. It may take a few clicks before the option appears, but it will appear.

Rating 1

Easy money hints

-Create a course and make all of the holes Black Rock Cove hole number 17 (the par 3), then play a skins game against Tiger on that course. He cannot make it up the hill onto the green. Eventually he will start to concede the hole after his first shot. Every once in awhile he will get a lucky bounce and make it on the green, but this does not happen very often. You can rack up some money and chase down Tigers 19 hole in ones.

-Play a regular traditional stroke play game with yourself and the CPU. Have Tiger as the CPU player and play a created course with Black Rock Cove hole number 17 on every hole. You should win around $30,000 for defeating him, then about $500,000 should appear when you go to the Pro Shop.

-On arcade mode, select "Skillzone", then select "Target" as the game mode and choose the Players Club course. Select your profile and play as Tiger Woods. You can earn about $70,000 in a match.

-Play in two player mode player on skins. When asked "Do you want to play for a user profile?", choose"Yes", select the desired profile, and select the same profile with player two. The money you earn in the skins is the money you get to keep added together.

Rating 1

Real-time Events

If you missed a "Real-Time Event" or want to jump ahead to another "RTE", change the system date to whatever date the "RTE" is to be played on. Save the game after winning the event, and you can restore the correct date.

Rating 0

Money bonus

Play the game with a saved game from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003, to get a $50,000 bonus when starting a new character. Use all your money on "Attributes" and raise them all evenly in 5% increments. When you join the tour, assuming that you have had enough practice, you will be at even (most likely better) skill then the rest of the field. Make the first upgrades only after getting your first sponsorship. If you increase the percentages evenly and only purchase some equipment through the end of January, you should be on top of the leader board and swimming in cash for the beginning of the "Hard" courses and players in February.

Rating 0

Loch Ness Monster sighting on The Highlands

On the 9th hole, turn to your left and look in the water. Keep watching and in two minutes the Loch Ness Monster appears too your right and swims completely across the screen. You have to wait so keep watching.

Rating 0

David Ferredy comment

Make a course with Emerald Dragon's 18th hole set on black tees, fast fairway, medium green. If you get a par 4 hole in one you will hear a gigantic godzilla roar then hear David Ferredy say that he's "ok".