Titan Quest PC Cheats

Rating 3

Expert mode

To unlock Expert mode, complete the game. The monsters will be 30 levels higher.

Rating 3

Powerful mastery combination

Strategy helps when selecting a mastery, mainly the second one. Once you reach level 8, think before making a choice. If you like Defense, choose it as your first mastery. At level 8 combine it with the Nature mastery and you will have high defense and regenerative abilities. For more action, choose the Earth mastery then combine it with Storm to gain ultimate power.

Rating 1

Easy experience

When starting the game, in the first village you are asked to kill a level 4 Satyr shaman. Complete this quest. Instead of moving out of the village, simply log out. Once done, all the monsters and chests in the area will have respawned. Clearing the starting village several times will allow you to go from level 1 to 4 with relative ease. If desired, you can use this method to get to level 5, but it is highly ineffective. You can also use this power leveling trick while in any area with monsters around your level. In addition, using this trick greatly increases your chance of fighting rare monsters and getting better items.

Rating 1

Unlockable Costume Codes

During gameplay, press the ESC key and enter the following codes before clicking "Unlock Content" to activate the following cheats:

123 Male and female skins
274267 Shinobi Shozoku set
373624 Armament of Gaul set
437626 Armament of Germania set
925678 Garb of the Great Merchant