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Toontown Online Cheats "Attack nothing" (PC)


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Attack nothing

While battling a group of Cogs (four), you can attack nothing. Since throw gags are used first, have one Toon attack a Cog with a powerful enough gag that it will destroy the Cog. Have yourself or another Toon use squirt to attack that same Cog. Make sure another Toon is using squirt on a separate Cog, so that it should be as follows: one Toon's using a throw gag, another one is using squirt on the same Cog, and another is using squirt on a different Cog. Watch as it plays out. The Toon with throw will destroy that single Cog first. Then, you will move on to squirt, but the Toon that is attacking the same Cog will use squirt on nothing while the other uses squirt on the other Cog. The Cog that was already destroyed is still gone, but there are explosions as if you still destroyed it. This may still let you earn experience.

2 years ago

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