Toontown Online PC Cheats

Rating 2

Look inside building

Before fighting the supervisor in the Cashbot HQ's bullion mint, go to the safe when it is gray. Jump into it and you will go outside the building and be able to look inside of it.

Rating 2

Head through elevator

While inside a Cog building and youhave defeated the Cogs on that floor, the next elevator will open to take you to the next floor. If you have over three Toons with you, try to be the third or fourth Toon to enter the elevator. This will place you in the front row of the elevator. Before the screen cuts to the part where the elevator goes up, use the emotion "Angry" and your head will go through the elevator. Note: This can work when your Toon is close to most walls.

Rating 2

Attack nothing

While battling a group of Cogs (four), you can attack nothing. Since throw gags are used first, have one Toon attack a Cog with a powerful enough gag that it will destroy the Cog. Have yourself or another Toon use squirt to attack that same Cog. Make sure another Toon is using squirt on a separate Cog, so that it should be as follows: one Toon's using a throw gag, another one is using squirt on the same Cog, and another is using squirt on a different Cog. Watch as it plays out. The Toon with throw will destroy that single Cog first. Then, you will move on to squirt, but the Toon that is attacking the same Cog will use squirt on nothing while the other uses squirt on the other Cog. The Cog that was already destroyed is still gone, but there are explosions as if you still destroyed it. This may still let you earn experience.

Rating 1

Go behind house

At your toon's estate, take your wardrobe and turn it around so it faces the wall. Put it next to the wall, then enter the back of the wardrobe to go through the wall. Note: Do not put it next to the wall dividing the front room from the back room.

Rating 1

Jellybean combinations

Below is a list of jellybean combinations. In parenthesis next to each name, you will find a number representing how many jellybeans are required to create that particular variety:

Car Petunia (7) - Blue (x4), Light Blue, Purple (x2)
Chili Lily (5) - Light Blue, Red (x4)
Chim Pansy (2) - Light Blue & Orange
Corn Rose (4) - Orange, Red, Yellow (x2)
Crazy Daisy (7) - Green (x4), Orange, Red, Yellow
Daffy Dill (2) - Green & Pink
Dandy Pansy (1) - Orange
Dilly Lily (8) - Blue (x2), Light Blue (x2), Yellow (x4)
Freshasa Daisy (4) - Light Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow
Giraff-o-Dil (4) - Green, Pink, Yellow (x2)
Hazy Daisy (8) - Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Purple (x3), Red, Yellow
Hybrid Carnation (3) - Pink, Red (x2)
Indubitab Lily (7) - Blue (x3), Light Blue (x3), Purple
Instant Carnation - Pink & Yellow
Istlla Rose (8) - Blue (x4), Pink, Purple (x2), Red
Laff-o-Dil (1) - Green
Lazy Daisy (2) - Pink & Yellow
Lily-of-the-Alley (1) - Light Blue
Lily Pad (2) - Green & Light Blue
Livered Lily (4) - Light Blue, Orange (x2), Pink
Marzi Panzy (4) - Orange, Red, Yellow (x2)
Midsummer Daisy (3) - Green, Red, Yellow
Model Carnation (7) - Green (x5), Pink, Yellow
Onelip (5) - Blue, Purple (x3), Red
Platoonia (8) - Blue (x2), Orange, Pink (x2), Red, Yellow (x2)
Potsen Pansy (3) - Orange, Red (x2)
School Daisy (1) - Yellow
Side Carnation (5) - Blue, Green, Pink, Red (x2)
Silly Lily (6) - Light Blue, Purple (x4), Red
Smarty Pansy (6) - Blue, Orange (x2), Pink (x3)
Stinking Rose (7) - Light Blue (x3), Orange, Pink, Purple, Red
Summer’s Last Rose (3) - Red (x3)
Threelip (8) - Orange, Purple (x3), Yellow (x4)
Tiger Lily (3) - Light Blue, Orange (x2)
Time and a Half-o-Dil (5) - Blue, Green, Pink (x3)
Tinted Rose (6) - Orange (x2), Pink (x2), Red (x2)
Twolip (6) - Purple (x3), Red (x3)
Upsy Daisy (6) - Blue (x3), Light Blue, Purple, Yellow
What-in Carnation (1) - Pink
Whoopsie Daisy (5) - Orange (x3), Red, Yellow

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Press F12 during game play, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Toggle God mode - mode god
Add $10,000 - money
All missions unlocked - unlock
All items - giveall
No clipping mode [NOTE 1] - fly

NOTE 1: Hold SHIFT to move quickly. Hold the Right Mouse Button to look around.

Rating 1

Reversed controls

In your estate, go to the pond that you can fish from. Find the small sewer like object that is connected to the pond. If you look to the right towards the stream, you should see one just like it. Jump onto this other one, and your controls will be reversed while you are on it; up is backward, and down is forward.

Rating 1

Go through wall

Sometimes while racing at Goofy Speedway in Corkscrew Colosseum or Screwball Stadium, just after you hit the Turbo (red arrows on track) and you hit the wall your cart will go through it.

Rating 0

Go outside the playground

This glitch is hardto perform, but works. When you are in a playground, watch the street entrances as Toons go through it. If you can teleport to a Toon going through a street entrance at the correct moment, you can appear outside of the entrance that they went through. You must time it correctly, so that it will not say "[Toon name] has gone somewhere else! Try again", or you appear in the tunnel and it takes you to the street. If timed correctly, you will now be outside of the playground and can go as far as desired wherever you want. Note: This also works in gag shops. When done in gag shops you can then go behind the counter.

Rating 0

Polar Toon

Go to the Brrrrrgh and go down Polar Place, then look for a store called "Hibernation Vacations". Go inside and walk up to the clerk. Use the Speedchat Phrase "Howdy!". Your Toon will become large and colorless for as long as you are in the Brrrrgh, or until you sign out.

Rating 0

Floating toon

-During the CFO battle, if your side defeats the waves of Cogs first, look around the room. Go to the side of the room with the elevator you came in through and jump near the elevator. Your toon will float in the little area beside the elevator.

Rating 0

T-shirt code

Select the "Enter Code" page in the sticker book and enter GETCONNECTED as a code to get a t-shirt.