Torchlight II PC Cheats

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The Goonies easter eggs

An optional quest available in act one called Plunder Cove is full of references to the 1985 film 'The Goonies'. Hidden randomly within the level is a lootable corpse named Chester Copperpot, after the ill-fated Oregonian whose skeletal remains were stumbled upon in the tunnels beneath the Fratelli hideout. The boss of this quest, One-Eyed Willy, is also a nod to the film. The cove where you can find his ship also bears many resemblances to the location in the film. You can also find two socketables in this stage; Copperpot always drops a rare called 'One-Eyed Willy's Other Eye', and Willy himself has a chance to drop a unique called 'One-Eyed Willy's Eye'.

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Cheat Codes

To enable the console, go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\my games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\save\(number). The number will be different from person to person, the point is that it is a string of numbers. Open that folder and open up settings.txt (back up recommended, like always). Change 'Console:0' to 'Console:1' Once you are in game, press INSERT to open up the console. Activate the following cheats by entering the correspoding codes:

ADDFRIENDBYUSER - Add a friend by username or email.
AIFREEZE - Toggles monster AI on and off
ALLITEMS - Spawns all items
ALLSTATS - Gives you all stats
ALWAYSCRIT - Player will always score critical hits
ASCEND - Goes down a floor
Clear Console History - CLS
DEFENSE - Gives you defense points
DESCEND - Goes up a floor
DEXTERITY - Gives you ranged points
DIFFICULTY - Displays the current game difficulty
DISABLEPET - Disables the Player's pet
FAME - Gives you fame points
FPS - Shows the frame rate and other information
GOD - Toggles Godmode
GODSPEED - Toggles both Godmode and Speed mode
HURTME - Reduces the player's and the player's pet HP by the given percent
IDENTIFYALL - Identifies all items in the player's inventory
ITEM , - Creates an a an item the given number of times
KILLALL - Kills all monsters
LEVELUP - Increase XP to the next level
MAGIC - Gives you magic points
MONEY - Gives you gold
NOXP - The player will not gain XP
pawnclassName,count,level = just type spawnclass to see all the spawn classes listed. Pass in Zero or a negative number for level will use the dungeon - SPAWNCLASS
PLAYERNOTARGET - Makes monsters not target the player
QUESTCOMPLETE - Sets a quest to complete
RESETPETLEVEL - Resets the player's pet level to 1
RESETPLAYER - Resets the player's stats, skills, and level
RESETPLAYERLEVEL - Resets the player's level to 1
RESETSKILL - Resets the player's skills
RESETSTATS - Resets the player's stat points
restarts the current level - RESTARTLEVEL
SETDIFFICULTY - Sets the current difficulty
SETPETLEVEL - Sets the pet's level
SETTIME - Sets the time of day
SETTIMESCALE - Sets the timescale for time of day
Show list of commands - HELP
SKILLPOINTS - Gives you skill points
SPEED - Toggles additional speed for the character
STATPOINTS - Gives you stat points
STRENGTH - Gives you melee points
toggles blood particles - SHOWBLOOD

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Steam achievements

A New Trick - Teach a pet a spell
Apprentice Baiter - Fish 10 times
Arachnothanatology - Defeat the Winter Widow
Breaker - Break 100 breakables
Bull In A China Shop - Break 10,000 breakables
Butterfly - Have 50 friends
Cartophile - Use 100 maps
Casuality - Defeat the Nether King in Casual difficulty
Casually Hardcore - Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (casual)
Century Mark - Reach level 100
Champ Battler - Defeat 25 champions
Champ Master - Defeat 100 champions
Champ Overlord - Defeat 500 champions
Chest Nut - Open 500 chests
Classist - Defeat the Nether King with each of the 4 classes
Continuing Education - Learn 4 spells
Critter Crusher - Squish 1000 critters
De-Aleera-ious - Defeat Aleera
DEAD THINGS! - Defeat One-Eyed Willy
Destructor - Break 1,000 breakables
Ding Dong - Defeat Cacklespit
Dragon Slayer - Defeat Vyrax
Elitist - Defeat the Nether King in Elite difficulty
Emancipator - Defeat Kidrik the Mauler
Enchanted - Use an enchanter 10 times
Ezrek Gone - Defeat Ezrek Khan
Fair Verona - Defeat Verona
Fetch A Fair Price - Send your pet to town
Flyswatter - Defeat Bloatfang
For A Rainy Day - Have 100,000 gold
Friendly - Add a friend
From The Pit - Defeat Mordrox
From The Top - Begin new game plus
Gambling Enthusiast - Purchase 20 items from the gambler
Gambling Fiend - Purchase 100 items from the gambler
Gambling Professional - Purchase 50 items from the gambler
Gem Hoarding - Recover 100 gems from items
Gem Preservation - Recover 10 gems from items
Gem Recovery - Recover a gem from an item
Get This Party Started - Start a multiplayer game
Ghost Buster - Defeat Thiss
Gib Aficionado - Explode 1,000 enemies
Gib Tycoon - Explode 10,000 enemies
Gibster - Explode 100 enemies
Globe-trotter - Take 100,000 steps
Goodbye Cruel World - Die with a hardcore character
Gooey Soles - Squish 100 critters
Grand Regicide - Defeat Grand Regent Eldrayn
Guzzler - Use 5,000 potions
Hardcore - Start a hardcore character
Hardcore Veteran - Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (veteran)
Having A Blast - Fish using dynamite
Hypercritical - Deal 100,000 critical strikes
I Know a Secret - Find a secret room
Ice Breaker - Destroy 100 socketed gems
In Service of Secrets - Find 10 secret rooms
In Your World - Join a multiplayer game
Journeyman Fisher - Fish 100 times
Killbot・Killed - Defeat Killbot
Lizard Breaker - Defeat Aruk
Manticore - Defeat the Manticore
Map Enthusiast - Use 10 maps
Marishkabob - Defeat Marishka
Massive Crits - Deal 10,000 critical strikes
Master Angler - Fish 1,000 times
Mission Accomplished - Defeat the Dark Alchemist
Mod Maniac - Play a game using 5 mods
Mod Squad - Install a mod
Modpocalypse - Play a game using 10 mods
Mushroom Picking - Defeat Boletus Rex
Nest Egg - Have 1,000,000 gold
No More Secrets - Find 100 secret rooms
Normalized - Defeat the Nether King in Normal difficulty
Normally Hardcore - Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (normal)
Overpower - Do 10,000 damage with a single attack
Peddler - Sell 500 items
Performance Enhancer - Use an enchanter 500 times
Pet Savant - Teach a pet 4 spells
Pinned to the Mist - Defeat the Wraith Lord
Playing With Dolls - Defeat the Ancient Rag Doll
Plunderer - Open 100 chests
Pogg Slammed - Defeat King Pogg
Quaffer - Use 50 potions
Revolt Against Artifice - Defeat the Artificer
Rock Crusher - Destroy 10 socketed gems
Self Improvement - Use an enchanter 50 times
Siege Breaker - Defeat the Siege Guardian
Skill Devotee - Obtain a tier 2 skill bonus
Skill Enthusiast - Obtain a tier 1 skill bonus
Skill Master - Obtain a tier 3 skill bonus
Socializer - Have 10 friends
Socketeer - Socket a gem into an item
Spectacular Find - Find a legendary item
Spellcaster - Learn a spell
Squish Gallop - Squish 500 critters
Stepping Out - Take 10,000 steps
Stone Smasher - Destroy a socketed gem
The Band Played On - Assemble TrillBot
The Big Chillhoof - Defeat Chillhoof
The Blingbearer - Socket 500 gems into items
The Fall of the Wild - Defeat the Grizzled Alpha
The Felled Guardian - Defeat the Fallen Guardian
The King is Dead - Defeat the Nether King
The One Percent - Have 10,000,000 gold
Thinking Critically - Deal 1,000 critical strikes
Tippler - Use 500 potions
Trader - Trade an item with another player
Trash Magnate - Sell 50,000 items
Treasure Hunter - Open 20 chests
True Berserker - Defeat the Nether King as a Berserker
True Embermage - Defeat the Nether King as an Embermage
True Engineer - Defeat the Nether King as an Engineer
True Outlander - Defeat the Nether King as an Outlander
Twinkle Twinkle Bobba - Socket 50 gems into items
Unmasked - Defeat the King In Masks
Unstoppable - Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (elite)
Vendor - Sell 5,000 items
Veterenated - Defeat the Nether King in Veteran difficulty
Wanderer - Take 50,000 steps
Well Dressed - Wear a completed armor set
When Grell Fell - Defeat General Grell
Who's Your Friend - Defeat the Manticore's Mate
X Marks The Spot - Use a map

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Claptrap easter egg

A CL4P-TP (Clap Trap from the original Borderlands) is hidden in Bloatfang's boss room (Act 3: Some Assembly Required). After you defeat the boss, step up onto the ledge where the Automaton Power Source and chest are waiting for you. There is a path you can follow that goes south and west around the boss arena. Once you reach the southern point of the level you should see Clap Trap standing between a couple of rocks. He congratulates you for defeating Bloatfang and then gives you a unique socketable to mark the occasion. (Claptrap's Bolt, rare socketable; Armor/Trinkets: Increase charge rate by 10%, Weapon: Conveys 5% chance to Shock for 5 seconds, Requires item level 32, "My servos... are seizing...") Although you cannot interact with Claptrap, the interplanetary ninja assassin will continue to stand around and shout, as he is one to do. He says  few things that are all parodies of his lines in Borderlands: "Good as new! Welcome to... actually, I have no idea where we are!" "Thank you stranger! Speaking of strange... you're either going to a costume party, or I'm a long way from home!" "Look at me! I'm an easter egg! An easter egg!"