Total Annihilation: Kingdoms PC Cheats

Rating 5

Cheat Codes

Start a game in skirmish or multiplayer mode and press ENTER to display the message box. Press PLUS and enter one of the following codes, then press ENTER to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enter the code again to de-activate:

Alternate fog color - fogcolor
Alternate race color - logo <1-9>
Change render lighting - lightrange <1-20>
Change screen resolution - vidmode
Completely fill mana - atm
Deselect selected units - selectunits
Display menu - f2menu
Dither replaces line of sight - dither
Double damage weapons - doubleshot
Exit to Windows - quit
Faster unit building - zipper
Half damage weapons - halfshot
In-game clock - clock
Kill indicated player - kill <1-4>
Kill opponents - combustion
Limited resource increase - lushee
Lose mission - ilose
Maximum men and material - tilt
More blood - lotsablood
Nanolathing and metal usage doubled - nanolathing
Random meteor shower - meteor
Rename indicated unit - nameunit
Screen shot - makeposter
Toggle CD music - cdstart
Toggle fog of war - infrared
Toggle rolling fog effects - rollingfog
Toggle wavy fog effects - wackyfog
Toggle wavy water effects - wackywater
Units say new phrases - bigbrother
Win mission - iwin

Rating 2

Skip levels

To skip a level (or chapter), die intentionally. Then, when on the defeated page, return to main menu. Return to your game and you will be able skip the chapter by pressing the right arrow.

Rating 1

Steal technology

-When a Priestess, Mage Builder, Beast Tamer or any of the other builders approach your base, kill them then take your monarch out to resurrect them. You will be able to have the other team's technology.

-Select Taros as a clan/race and build a Temple. Then, build a Mindmage and use it to attack another clan/race's building unit. You will be able to use it as desired. Note: This also works on attacking units.