Total Annihilation PC Cheats

Rating 3

Program Commander

To allow your Commander to build more things than normal, do the following. You can program a Commander or Construction Vehicle to do the job of another Construction Vehicle or Advanced Vehicle with one easy step. Click on the vehicle that you want to take the abilities from, then press ENTER. The bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. Then, click on the vehicle which you want the abilities on, then press ENTER again to disable the bar. Your vehicle has now been programmed. The abilities may disappear when clicking on another vehicle, but you can program it again.

Rating 2

Campaign mode mission select

Click on the "Single Player" icon. Type drdeath at the single player game screen. A Cavedog Entertainment bone symbol will appear between the "Load Game" and "Previous Menu" icons on the right side of the screen. Click on the bone will to enter the mission select screen.

Rating 1

Killer Construction Vehicles

Your Construction Vehicles are not useless once your base is built. When a fleet of enemies is at your base's door, include the Construction Vehicles to meet them. They can help take out Core or Arm Vermin if needed. Set a Construction Vehicle to "Reclaim", then target an enemy. Your vehicle will suck the life out of it, kill it, then add some metal to your gauge.

Rating 1


While in skirmish mode and there is a color that is friendly try creating a safe area connecting your base with that color's base. If there is an attack on your base and you need to retreat, you can go through that safe area and take cover with the friendly for the time it takes you to build another base. 

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Starta game in skirmish or multiplayer mode. Press  ENTER to display the message box. Press PLUS and enter one of the following codes. Press ENTER to activate the corresponding cheat. Note: Enter the code again to de-activate.

Increase metal and energy by 1000 - atm
Display game clock - clock
Play CD music - cdstart or cdplay
Stop CD music - cdstop
View 3D contour mesh - contour<1-15>
Control skirmish AI - control<0-3>
Dithering replaces gray line of sight - dither
Double weapon damage - doubleshot
Half weapon damage - halfshot
Lost game - ilose
Win game - iwin
Kill all units - kill
Darker structures - light 1000
Black structures - light
Meteor shower at random map location - meteor
Decrease energy - noenergy
Decrease metal - nometal
Disable explosion screen effect - noshake
Full map, disable line of sight. - nowisee or los
Full radar - radar
Full health - dr
Toggle object shadowing - shadow
Units sing when highlighted - sing
Toggle 3D sound - sound3d
Press [Alt] + to switch units - switchalt
View opponent's energy, metal - view <0-3>
Share radar [NOTE 1] - share radar
Share metal [NOTE 1] - share metal
Share energy [NOTE 1] - share energy
Share all resources [NOTE 1] - share all
Also shoot buildings - shootall
Traces unit/structures in order that they were built - bigbrother
Display data transfer in multi-player mode - bps
Change opponent color in skirmish - logo<1-9>
Cover the screen in black - mapping
Display ranges by holding [Shift] when pointer is over unit. - showranges
All trees killed off - treedeath
Toggle chat text in multi-player mode - screenchat
Faster unit building - zipper
Toggle radar mini-map - seti
Toggle sound effects - sfx
Limited resource increase - lushee
Map screen shot in .BMP format - makeposter
Change scroll speed; 100 is fast - scrollspeed
Kill all enemy units - combustion
Toggles multiplayer compression - compressionturns
Change screen gamma - gamma <0-20>
Units honk when they stop. - honk
Minimum energy sharing level - setshareenergy
Minimum metal sharing level - setsharemetal
Toggle energy sharing with allies - shareenergy
Toggle map info sharing with allies - sharemapping
Toggle metal sharing with allies - sharemetal
Toggle anti-aliasing - antialias
Building occurs at twice normal speed - nanolathing
Remove feature shadows - fshadow
Change type of CD music - musicmode
Unknown - sing jersey
Unknown - aimfromprimary
Unknown - aimfromsecondary
Unknown - aimfromtertiary
Unknown - assert
Unknown - assign
Unknown - becarried
Unknown - burnall
Unknown - burnone
Unknown - debugbreak
Unknown - dprint
Unknown - drop
Unknown - edge
Unknown - feature
Unknown - film
Unknown - filmspeed
Unknown - give
Unknown - iface
Unknown - include
Unknown - lostype
Unknown - mem
Unknown - memdump
Unknown - move
Unknown - netstats
Unknown - notoktobuild
Unknown - numlines
Unknown - numtables
Unknown - oktobuild
Unknown - profile
Unknown - querynanopiece
Unknown - queryprimary
Unknown - querysecondary
Unknown - querytertiary
Unknown - rcache
Unknown - reload
Unknown - sealevel
Unknown - search
Unknown - selboxes
Unknown - selectable
Unknown - shot
Unknown - sweetspot
Unknown - tableinfo
Unknown - tshadow
Unknown - zbuffer

NOTE 1: Multi-player mode only

Rating 1


Press CTRL + D during game play to self-destruct.

Rating 1

Increase maximum unit limit

Note: This only works with v3.1 and greater. Using a text editor, create a name file named "totala.ini" file in the game folder. The file should only contain the following lines.

UnitLimit = 500;

Rating 0

Ten player skirmish

Type [Asterisk]X at the opponent/ally selection screen. To specify another number of players substitute "X" with a roman numeral from 3 to 10. For example, [Asterisk]III will result in a three-player skirmish.

Rating 0

Select all units

Press CTRL + A to select all units for a full scale attack.

Rating 0

Select the commander

Press CTRL + C to automatically select the commander and go directly to him. This is useful when on a large map.