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Total War: Shogun 2 Cheats "Cheat mode" (PC)


game on

Cheat mode

Unlock the listed cheat effects by inputting the corresponding codes:

Full map - .matteosartori
Full map - .daggins
Unlimited KoKu - .muchkoku
Unlimited army life - .prototypearmy
All provinces have copper - .ifoundsomecu
No construction abilities, negative KoKu, can start new game as Clan Hojo - .conan
Build armories in any province on next turn - .viagra
Additional gold - .mefoundsomeau
Additional silver - .mefoundsomeag
Additional copper - .mefoundsomecu
Kill any person without dying - .spylookahead
Faster unit and building construction - .booyakasha

2 years ago

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