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Toy Story 2 Cheats "Kite Zurg strategy" (PC)


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Kite Zurg strategy

To defeat the Kite Zurg on level 2 (Andy's Neighborhood), first get the laser from the basket where the car is found. Then, make your way up the tree and avoid any slime balls. When you get to the top of the tree, there will be a platform and the Kite Zurg. Go onto the platform to fight him. During a moment when he is not diving at you, go to inside the helmet view and use the laser about five times. His health will begin to go down. When he dives at you, he will hit you. Do not worry about this if you had a full battery when you came up the tree. If not, the is a battery on one of the branches that you climbed up. Keep doing this until the Pizza Planet Token appears. Note: When you climb up the tree, make sure that you jump on the rope about half-way up so that if you fall, you will have an easier way to get back up. If you fall off the tree at any point, it will not hurt you.

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