Toy Story 3 PC Cheats

Rating 3

Haunted Mansion easter egg

When you buy and go to Sid's Haunted House in Toy Box mode, speak to Rex, then get the lightning rod. You will now be inside the house. When you get all three keys, the door will open and a song will play. This is the same song that the busts from the Disney Haunted Mansion ride sing in the graveyard.

Rating 2

Unlockable Weapons

Unlock the following weapons for purchase at the specified price by completing the corresponding levels in Story mode:

UFO Gun ($2,000) - Blow up the Dam.
Cow Cannon ($2,500) - Get Cows To Higher Ground.

Rating 0

WALL-E easter egg

Play the Bonnie's House level on the spaceship. When you have to get the batteries in their slots, look at the sides of them. You will see a BnL logo--a reference to WALL-E, where Buy n Large is featured in the movie many times.