True Crime: New York City PC Cheats

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There are two ways to reload your ammunition. The first is by accessing the trunk of any car that you own. This also gives you access to your personal armory. The other way is to get a police car then access its truck. Using the police car will refill all your weapons but will not give you access to your personal armory.

Rating 3

Vehicle Ranks

Reach the following ranks to have the corresponding vehicles available in the police garage:

Detective Rank 1 - 6.5L V8 Custom SUV
Detective Rank 2 - 5.4L SC V8 Coupe
Detective Rank 3 - 2.5L L4 Sedan
Detective Rank 4 - 6.0L V8 Coupe
Detective Rank 5 - 3.5L V6 Sedan

Rating 2

Taking out key suspects

To disarm key suspects easier without killing them, raise your Detective level by solving street crimes to unlock the Taser pistol and Tranquilizer rifle (found in police station's basement armory). These work well for safely capturing key suspects without killing them accidentally, and is much easier than trying to get an aim on their arms or legs for a "neutralizing shot".

Rating 2

Sour Candy mission: Easy completion

In the Palermo mission "Sour Candy", follow Candy up the climbing wall to the track. Instead of starting the race, go in the opposite direction. For the first two sets of hurdles, break the ones in the center lane by running into them. Then, break the last two sets of hurdles on the inside lane of the track. This will allow you to run in the race and not have to jump. Candy will be forced to jump over the hurdles slowing her down, so you can catch her more easily.

Rating 2

Get cops to stop shooting you

Sometimes, when you are in your street clothes and shoot at someone in front of a cop, the cop will start shooting at you. To get them to stop, simply turn towards them and flash your badge at them. They should then stop shooting at you.

Rating 2

Redman Gone Wild mini-game: More time

An easy way to get more time is to kill people. It is impossible to complete it by just driving. You must get out and shoot them.

Rating 1

100 Career points

Pause game play and enter the CompStat/Map screen, then hold SHIFT + F and press DELETE three times.

Rating 1

Getting criminals to surrender

Enemies are more likely to surrender if you fire a warning shot from a gun larger than theirs. You can then proceed to arrest them without starting a gunfight. Note: This does not always work.

Rating 1

How to defeat President Lincoln

When fighting President Lincoln makes sure that you have bought the tranquilizer gun at the police armory when you have reached the second rank. Stand in the room with all the thugs. Shoot out the window and zoom in on Lincoln across the scaffold. Shoot him until he passes out. Then, interrogate him.

Rating 1

Easy races

Purchase the Lamborghini and give it the police upgrade. When you start the race, turn on your sirens. Civilian cars will scurry to get out of your way. Note: Try to stay in one lane, otherwise they will swerve back and forth between lanes.

Rating 1

Character upgrades

As your rank gets better (5 being the worse, and 1 being best), you can buy better upgrades for your character at the Police Department Armory, such as better zoom for your guns, or a more slow-mo dive. You can also purchase new guns to use. The guns will be in the trunk of your police car that you get from the garage.

Rating 1

Easy ranks

If you do not mind earning Bad Cop points, use the following trick to rank up detective levels easily. Go to a place where there are lots of people, such as Central Park. Frisk as many people as you can, plant evidence, and arrest them. You will get one Bad Cop point if you arrest them correctly. Also, you will get three career points every time you do so. It should only take about a half hour at the most to rank up a level.

Use the following trick to get easy arrests without Bad Cop points. Go into a car dealership or a dojo and frisk all the customers inside. All the customers will have something for you to take as evidence. Arrest them for extra career points.

For easy arrests, run and tackle people, then punch them about three times. Get off them and someone near or that person will start to fight with you. Knock them out and arrest them.

Rating 1

Reload stun gun

Commandeer any police cruiser, open the trunk, and you can then reload your stun gun. This can be done repeatedly whenever the gun is low or empty.

Rating 1

No motorcycle wrecks

Pop a wheelie and do not stop. Cars will not make you fall off or slow down much.

Rating 1

Weapon and Ability Ranks

Reach the following ranks to have the corresponding weapons and abilities available in the police armory:

Detective Rank 1 - 5.56mm Carbine, 7.62 Auto Sniper, Flashbang, Slo-Mo Dirve x2
Detective Rank 2 - .45 Special, Tactical Shotgun, 5.56mm Bullpup AR, Sledge Hammer, Precision Aim Assist
Detective Rank 3 - 4.6 MM PDW, Assault Rifle, Tranquilizer, Sunt Baton, Zoom 4x
Detective Rank 4 - Stun Gun, 9MM SMG, Standard Shotgun, Slo-Mo Dive

Rating 1

Faster shotgun reloading

when using a shotgun, slow reloading can be a big problem. When you start to reload a shotgun and just stand there, it is very slow. Start running around to reload almost three times as fast.

Rating 1

Easy money

Go into a store, extort them, then come out. Walk back in and repeat as many times as desired to get more money.

Rating 1

Kill without filling the Rouge meter

Kill a group of people to fill your Rogue meter. Once the cops come after you, let them kill you. After you are put you on street patrol, leave the station. Enable the "Super Cop" code, and you can now kill as much as you desired without your Rogue meter filing.

Rating 1

Fighting styles

If you are having trouble completing a fighting mission where you must fight thugs hand-to-hand, it is best to drive around to different Dojos when not on a mission to learn different fighting styles. Some styles are better used on some opponents than others. The best styles are Thai Boxing and Tae Kwon Do. They seem to be effective on a wider variety of opponents and can defeat more fighting styles than other ones. Also, do not overlook your default "Brawling" fighting moves as they can prove very effective against some of the fancier martial arts like Wushu. Switch between styles while in combat to find the best one for each situation. If you can score hits with combos of three or more moves on one opponent without them blocking any of your hits (or stunning them), then your style is better than theirs. Also, during the "fight club" mini-missions you can sometimes get a hint as to what styles your opponents are going to use by the little gestures and moves they make before the beginning of a match.

Rating 1

Keep car door open after you jump out

When you jump out you will find that your door is stuck. To keep it open, get in on the passenger side.

Rating 0

Level select

Pause game play and enter the CompStat/Map screen, then hold SHIFT + F and press ENTER three times.

Rating 0

Driving skill ranks

Reach the following ranks to have the corresponding weapons driving skills available in the police garage:

Detective Rank 1 - Nitro Boost
Detective Rank 2 - Side Wheelie
Detective Rank 3 - Peel Boost
Detective Rank 4 - Switchblade
Detective Rank 5 - Insta-turn

Rating 0

Neutralizing criminals

To neutralize a criminal person that is running, take out your stun gun and use it until his or her health is gone. You can then arrest him or her.

Rating 0

Reducing crime rates

If you are trying to reduce precinct crime rates, go into a pharmacy. When you get inside, frisk everybody there. The following are the predicted amounts of people holding contraband.

High crime rate: Approximately everybody.
Medium crime rate: Approximately 50% of the people.
Low crime rate: Approximately two to five people.

Start at the back of the pharmacy. Work your way to the front of the pharmacy by arresting people with contraband. If the person is clean, walk them to the front of the pharmacy and release them there. Hide behind the back shelves when you arrest him or her so that no one else will see you. Do this so that nobody with contraband runs out of the place.

Rating 0

Lower Rogue meter

To allow your rogue meter to cool down, just enter any subway station. Cops will not follow you down and you will be safe.

Rating 0

100 Bad Cop points

Pause game play and enter the CompStat/Map screen, then hold SHIFT + F and press SPACE three times.

Rating 0

Provoke citizens to fight you

This is a very good way to clean up all precincts quickly, without getting a Bad Cop rating. Get in a car and ram into another car that someone is driving. The driver will get out of their car angry and start provoking you while throwing a big fit. Get out of your car while they are still throwing a fit and wait until you see a health bar over their head. You can now beat them down and arrest them for a quick and easy three Good Cop and three Career points. You can repeat this until you clean up the area.