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True Crime: New York City Cheats "Weapon and Ability Ranks" (PC)


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Weapon and Ability Ranks

Reach the following ranks to have the corresponding weapons and abilities available in the police armory:

Detective Rank 1 - 5.56mm Carbine, 7.62 Auto Sniper, Flashbang, Slo-Mo Dirve x2
Detective Rank 2 - .45 Special, Tactical Shotgun, 5.56mm Bullpup AR, Sledge Hammer, Precision Aim Assist
Detective Rank 3 - 4.6 MM PDW, Assault Rifle, Tranquilizer, Sunt Baton, Zoom 4x
Detective Rank 4 - Stun Gun, 9MM SMG, Standard Shotgun, Slo-Mo Dive

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