Tsukihime PC Cheats

Rating 2

Christmas Scene

Play the game on December 25th to be greeted with a Christmas edition of Ciel-Sensei's class.

Rating 1

Extra scenes

After completing the game,click on "Type-Moon" at the bottom of the main menu screen to unlock some very funny scenes.

Rating 0

Hidden scene and title screen

Clear all the endings to unlock the Eclipse scene and a title screen; Arcueid (2), Ciel (2), Akiha (2), Hisui (2), Kohaku (1). Eclipse is a hidden scene you can unlock after completing all the main endings of the game. In the scene, Shiki finally get to meet again with his sensei Aoko in a grassy field similar to the place of their first encounter. The title screen also changes. The Eclipse scene can be selected directly from the title screen.