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Two Worlds II Cheats "Item Codes" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Item Codes

Use the following entries with the ec.addobjecttoinventory code.

To add damage crystals, use the following code: ec.addobjecttoinventory art_add_damage_(#edamage)
Chainmail ep_chainmail
Essence of air ep_wind
Essence of death ep_necro
Essence of earth ep_earth
Essence of fire ep_fire
Essence of water ep_water
Fabric ep_fabric
Gold ep_gold
Golem's Lifeforce Crystal ing_57
Invisiblity Potion potion_invisible_01
Iron ep_metal
Leather ep_leather
Lockpick lockpick
Master's Finger ing_106
Oculus flyingeye1
Oculus Draconis flyingeye2
Oculus Infernus flyingeye3
Oculus Infernus flyingeye4
Personal Teleport Platform personal_teleport_platform
Scapulari Brain ing_192
Steel ep_steel
Teleport Stone personal_teleport
Waterwalking Potion potion_waterwalk_01
Werebeast's Spinal Cord ing_155
Wood ep_wood

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