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Steam achievements

Heat Wave - Crash the Earth into the Sun
Learner - Finish five tutorials
One Day - Rule over your universe for 24 hours
One Hour - Rule over your universe for 60 minutes
One Minute - Rule over your universe for 60 seconds
One Month - Rule over your universe for 30.4 days
One Year - Rule over your universe for 12 months
Photographer - Capture 100 screenshots
Snowball Earth - Freeze the Earth by moving it further from the Sun
Startup Deka - Start universe sandbox 10^1 = 10 times
Startup Hecto - Start universe sandbox 10^2 = 100 times
Startup Kilo - Start universe sandbox 10^3 = 1000 times
Startup the Universe - Start Universe Sandbox at least once
Startup Too Many - Start universe sandbox 10^4 = 10000 times
The Answer - Result of millions of years of computation
The Code - Some will know from their childhood; some were not born yet

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