Unreal 2: The Awakening PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter "BeMyMonkey" to enable cheat mode, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Enter "BeMyMonkey" again to disable any activated cheats.

Toggle God mode - God
Toggle invisibility - Invisible
All weapons - goodies 0 100
Ammunition for all weapons - AllAmmo
Toggle God mode for selected actor - GodEx
Toggle Phoenix Powersuit - Phoenix
Enemy fears you - FearMe
Ghost mode - Ghost
Flight mode - Fly
Underwater mode - Amphibious
Return to normal walking mode - Walk
Slow motion - SloMo
Set jump height - SetJumpZ
Toggle unlimited ammunition - ToggleInfiniteAmmo
Toggle reloads - ToggleReloads
Toggle invisibility - ToggleInvisibility
Teleport to location looked at - Teleport
Level skip - NextLevel
Map select - Open
Double speed - ToggleSpeed
Set player speed - SetSpeed
Set player size - ChangeSize
Toggle God mode on selected pawn - TogglePawnInvulnerability
Summon array of goodies - Goodies ,
Spawn indicated item or pawn - Sum
List all actors - Actors
Go to selected actor location - GotoActor
Give specified damage to target - Damage ,
Give specified damage to NPCs - DamageNPCs
Give specified health to target - SetHealth ,
Set player health - SetMyHealth
Harm player by specified amount - HurtMe
Damage all visible pawns - ManCannon
Toggle animation servos - ToggleServos
Show player teams - ShowTeams
Change game difficulty - Difficulty
See view from indicated actor - CheatView
Target camera on player - ViewSelf
Enable time demo - ToggleTimeDemo
Toggle scoreboard - ToggleScoreBoard
Toggle free orders - EnableFreeOrders <0 or 1>
Toggle behind view - BehindView
Set particle density - SetParticleDensity
Toggle impacts - ToggleImpacts
Toggle weapon tick code - SetWeaponTick <0 or 1>
Toggle weapon firing - SetWeaponFire <0 or 1>
Show all hidden actors - ToggleShowAll
Show all keypoints - ToggleShowKPs
Show all navigation points - ToggleShowNPs
Toggle Rmode - ToggleRMode
Set player eye height - SetEyeHeigth
Kill indicated actor - KillActorx
Kill actor under crosshair - KillHitActor
Kill NPC under crosshair - KillHitNPC
Kill all active NPCs - KillActiveNPCS
Kill all dormant NPCs - KillDormantnPCS
Gib all NPCs - GibAllNPCS
Gib NPC under crosshair - GibHitNPC
Toggle players only - PO
Toggle freeze view - ToggleFreezeView
Toggle HUD - ToggleHUD
Different animations in third person view [NOTE 1] - gesture
Set camera distance - SetCameraDist
Toggle free camera movement - FreeCamera <0 or 1>
Set fog red color value - SetFogR
Set fog green color value - SetFogG
Set fog blue color value - SetFogB
Set field of view degrees; 90 is default; 360 is fish-eye view - SetFOV
Toggle creature summon menu - SendEvent ToggleSummonMenu
Toggle debug menu - SendEvent ToggleDebugMenu
Screen flash - SetFlash
Red line shows where your eyes are looking - ShowViewLine
Field of vision zoom; 80 is default - ToggleFOV

NOTE 1: The gestures can only be seen in third person view (behindview 1) and will cycle randomly. Try binding this command to a key.