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Unreal 2: The Awakening Cheats "Hidden life support tank" (PC)


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Hidden life support tank

While flying about the heart of the Drakk structure in the NC962VIII mission (the part that has an open roof, right before you face the Caretaker, where you also face the end result of the Drakk experiments), you can find a second life support tank with a seemingly live Skaarj suspended in the middle. Approach it and Dalton will say "The experiments resulted in JUICE!", with the word "JUICE" at the bottom of the screen. In front of the tank are a few health/shield packs and EMP grenades. The area is not inaccessible by walking. There is a huge beam to your right when facing the center of the room. Stand at the top of the ramp that leads down into the lower level of the area. Between the upper end of the ramp and the moat surrounding the gravity lift, to the immediate left of this beam, over the edge of the moat and down a small distance, are five small protrusions that lead under the beam. Looks are deceiving; no jumping is required to move between these protrusions as long as the player stays close to the moat's outer wall. They function like steps with a very small landing at the lowest point. On the other side of the beam, they lead upwards to a space between two beams. At the end farthest from the gravity lift is the aforementioned life support tank.

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