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Unreal Tournament 2003 Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Press TAB during game play in single-player mode, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codest. Note: Codes must be reactivated after each level.

God mode - god
Flight mode - fly
No clipping mode - ghost
Disable flight and no clipping modes - walk
Full ammunition - allammo
All weapons - allweapons
All weapons and full ammunition - loaded
Toggle third person view - behindview <0 or 1>
Change movement speed; default is 1.0 - slomo <0.1 to 2.0>
View frame rate - stat fps
View network status - stat net
Underwater breathing - amphibious
Toggle invisibility - invisible
Teleport to crosshair location - teleport
Win the current match - skipmatch
Jump to a specific match; for example, 12 is ladder 1, match 2 - jumpmatch
Change player size factor - changesize
Toggle camera lock - lockcamera
Unlock camera rotation from actor - freecamera
Reset camera to view player; true for quiet, false for sound - viewself
Cycle camera through the viewable bots - viewbot
View actor currently carrying flag - viewflag
Change the camera view to indicated player - viewplayer
Change the camera view to indicated actor - viewactor
Change the camera view to indicated class - viewclass
Kill actor the camera is currently viewing - killviewedactor
Possess a pawn of indicated class - avatar
Spawn indicated item - summon
Set camera distance to its target - setcameradist
Set gravitational pull - setgravity
Set jump height - setjumpz
Multiply player water and ground speed by indicated value - setspeed
Write all dynamic actors to log file - listdynamicactors
Pause the game for indicated duration - freezeframe
Set red color component of fog - setfogr
Set green color component of fog - setfogg
Set blue color component of fog - setfogb
Set the duration a screen flash takes to fade away - setflash
Trigger the indicated event - causeevent
Toggle logging for all scripted sequences - logsciptedsequences
Kill all actor pawns except the player - killpawns
Kill everything of the indicated class - killall
Kill all pawns of the indicated class - killallpawns
Freeze time, players only can move - playersonly
Toggle view to indicated actor - cheatview
Write the string :"NOW!" to the game log - writetolog
Test jumping - reviewjumpspots
Add indicated number of bots - add bots
Commit suicide - suicide
Connect to server or load map - open
Disable statistics display - stat none
Display all statistics - stat all
Display game statistics - stat game
Kill all bots - killbots
Quit game - exit or quit
Quit the server you are connected to - disconnect
Record demo - demorec
Resume sounds - unpausesounds
Set brightness - brightness
Set CD track music track - cdtrack
Set contrast - contrast
Set field of view - fov
Set gamma - gamma
Set song intensity - musicorder <0-3>
Silence - pausesounds
Stop recording current demo - stopdemo
Toggle full screen and windowed mode - togglefullscreen
View configuration information - confighash
View memory status. - mem stat

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