Unreal Tournament 2003 PC Cheats

Rating 4

Float in mid-air glitch

Note: This trick requires the Chaos download. Start an instant action game with Chaos on as a Mutator. Go to any level with an elevator. Use an elevator to get to the top. Grapple the elevator while still standing on it. The elevator will go down. You should remain floating there for awhile.

Rating 2

All skins

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "ut2003.ini" file in the game folder. Add the following lines to the file.


Rating 2

Announcer insults

Get enough consecutive kills with the Rocket Launcher and the announcer will exclaim "Rocket Whore". Do the same with the Flak Cannon and the announcer will say "Flak Monkey".

Rating 2

Lose flying after Redeemer explosion

When you enable the fly code, if you are about to use the human-controlled Redeemer (right-clicking to fire), make sure you are on solid ground and that you can not be attacked there. As soon as the Redeemer missile explodes, you will be caught without flight. For example, one of the tall towers in Plunge will make a good isolation perch because no one can attack you.

Rating 2

Consecutive kill award

There is an award for having a certain number consecutive kills, providing the kills are less than a second apart. The scale is as follows:

Double Kill! : 2 kills
Multi Kill! : 3 kills
Mega Kill! : 4 kills
Ultra Kill! : 5 kills
Monster Kill! : 6 kills
Ludicrous! : 7 kills*
Holy Shit! : 8 kills

Note: The screen will read "LUDICROUS!" across the top but the announcer will say "LUDICROUS KILL!" Note: To see your stats and awards at any point during a game, press [F3].

Rating 2

Invisibility power-up

When your adrenaline reaches 100 and it starts to flash, quickly tap left strafe (D) two times then right strafe (A) two times to get invisibility.

Rating 1

Phrase on Redeemer Rocket

To see the phrase on a Redeemer Rocket, get one, fire the rocket, and enable the playersonly. This will freeze the rocket. Walk up to the rocket and you can read the phrase "Swallow This!" on it. You do not have to worry about getting too close to it. Since the Redeemer Rocket is something that you fired, it cannot harm you while airborne, unless it hits a wall or person close to you.

Rating 1

Speed power-up

When your adrenaline reaches 100 and it starts to flash, quickly tap forward (W) four times for a speed power-up.

Rating 1

Berserk power-up

When your adrenaline reaches 100 and it starts to flash, quickly tap forward (W) two times and back (S) two times.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Press TAB during game play in single-player mode, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codest. Note: Codes must be reactivated after each level.

God mode - god
Flight mode - fly
No clipping mode - ghost
Disable flight and no clipping modes - walk
Full ammunition - allammo
All weapons - allweapons
All weapons and full ammunition - loaded
Toggle third person view - behindview <0 or 1>
Change movement speed; default is 1.0 - slomo <0.1 to 2.0>
View frame rate - stat fps
View network status - stat net
Underwater breathing - amphibious
Toggle invisibility - invisible
Teleport to crosshair location - teleport
Win the current match - skipmatch
Jump to a specific match; for example, 12 is ladder 1, match 2 - jumpmatch
Change player size factor - changesize
Toggle camera lock - lockcamera
Unlock camera rotation from actor - freecamera
Reset camera to view player; true for quiet, false for sound - viewself
Cycle camera through the viewable bots - viewbot
View actor currently carrying flag - viewflag
Change the camera view to indicated player - viewplayer
Change the camera view to indicated actor - viewactor
Change the camera view to indicated class - viewclass
Kill actor the camera is currently viewing - killviewedactor
Possess a pawn of indicated class - avatar
Spawn indicated item - summon
Set camera distance to its target - setcameradist
Set gravitational pull - setgravity
Set jump height - setjumpz
Multiply player water and ground speed by indicated value - setspeed
Write all dynamic actors to log file - listdynamicactors
Pause the game for indicated duration - freezeframe
Set red color component of fog - setfogr
Set green color component of fog - setfogg
Set blue color component of fog - setfogb
Set the duration a screen flash takes to fade away - setflash
Trigger the indicated event - causeevent
Toggle logging for all scripted sequences - logsciptedsequences
Kill all actor pawns except the player - killpawns
Kill everything of the indicated class - killall
Kill all pawns of the indicated class - killallpawns
Freeze time, players only can move - playersonly
Toggle view to indicated actor - cheatview
Write the string :"NOW!" to the game log - writetolog
Test jumping - reviewjumpspots
Add indicated number of bots - add bots
Commit suicide - suicide
Connect to server or load map - open
Disable statistics display - stat none
Display all statistics - stat all
Display game statistics - stat game
Kill all bots - killbots
Quit game - exit or quit
Quit the server you are connected to - disconnect
Record demo - demorec
Resume sounds - unpausesounds
Set brightness - brightness
Set CD track music track - cdtrack
Set contrast - contrast
Set field of view - fov
Set gamma - gamma
Set song intensity - musicorder <0-3>
Silence - pausesounds
Stop recording current demo - stopdemo
Toggle full screen and windowed mode - togglefullscreen
View configuration information - confighash
View memory status. - mem stat

Rating 1


Almost every species has an advantage and a weakness, described as follows.

Strength: 90% more health than average.
Weakness: Ground speed, jump height, acceleration, and aerial dodging below 10-20%.

Strength: 30% more health.
Weakness: None.
Note: Malcolm, Brock, and Lauren are Mercs.

Strength: Walking speed 50% higher, crouching movement speed 20% higher.
Weakness: Ground speed has a 10% penalty.

Gen Mo'Kai
Strength: 30% faster on ground and 20% more maneuverable in air; accelerate 10% faster and have 10% higher aerial dodging speed.
Weakness: maximum health is 20% lower and weapons do 10% less damage than normal.

Strength: 10% more health and 60% higher dodging ability.
Weakness: 20% penalty for walking speed, 30% to crouching movement, and 30% to aerial dodging speed.

Strength: High maneuverability (150% better control in air, 30% higher jump, and 50% higher aerial dodging ability).
Weakness: !5% less maximum health, 10% less inflicted damage penalty, a 20% acceleration penalty, and 10% dodging penalty on ground.

Rating 0

Hidden vehicle demo map

A hidden vehicle demo map named "vehicledemo" can be found in the "\ut2003\maps" folder. Play it and hit the switch on the ground. A giant car that shoots rockets will fall from the sky.

Note: Type use at the console window when standing next to the car. You will be able to drive it.

After you have entered the vehicle, use the add bots code to add some bots to the map. Get close to them while driving the vehicle and it will auto-target them. Press [Fire] to shoot the vehicle's weapon at them.

If you enable the freecamera true code while driving the vehicle, the frame of it will disappear and you will be driving a set of wheels with lights.

Rating 0

Hidden message

In the video options menu, turn every option to its highest value. The announcer will say "Holy shit".

After downloading and installing the "Excessive Overkill" patch, wait until you have 150 adrenaline. Then, hold [Up] + [Left] + [Right] until the announcer says "Holy shit!" and the message "Insane!" appears across the top of the screen. You will now be berserk, invisible, and have double damage all at once for thirty seconds.

Rating 0

Self-heal power-up

When your adrenaline reaches 100 and it starts to flash, quickly tap back (S) four times to get a self-heal power-up.