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Unreal Tournament 2003 Cheats "Species" (PC)


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Almost every species has an advantage and a weakness, described as follows.

Strength: 90% more health than average.
Weakness: Ground speed, jump height, acceleration, and aerial dodging below 10-20%.

Strength: 30% more health.
Weakness: None.
Note: Malcolm, Brock, and Lauren are Mercs.

Strength: Walking speed 50% higher, crouching movement speed 20% higher.
Weakness: Ground speed has a 10% penalty.

Gen Mo'Kai
Strength: 30% faster on ground and 20% more maneuverable in air; accelerate 10% faster and have 10% higher aerial dodging speed.
Weakness: maximum health is 20% lower and weapons do 10% less damage than normal.

Strength: 10% more health and 60% higher dodging ability.
Weakness: 20% penalty for walking speed, 30% to crouching movement, and 30% to aerial dodging speed.

Strength: High maneuverability (150% better control in air, 30% higher jump, and 50% higher aerial dodging ability).
Weakness: !5% less maximum health, 10% less inflicted damage penalty, a 20% acceleration penalty, and 10% dodging penalty on ground.

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