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Unreal Tournament 3 Cheats "Object names" (PC)


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Object names

Use the following entries with the summon code:

Axon Cicada - utgamecontent.utvehicle_cicada_content
Axon Goliath - utgamecontent.utvehicle_goliath_content
Axon Hellbender - utgamecontent.utvehicle_hellbender_content
Axon Leviathan - utgamecontent.utvehicle_leviathan_content
Axon Manta - utgamecontent.utvehicle_manta_content
Axon Paladin - utgamecontent.utvehicle_paladin_content
Axon Raptor - utgamecontent.utvehicle_raptor_content
Axon Scorpion - utgamecontent.utvehicle_scorpion_content
Axon SPMA - utgamecontent.utvehicle_spma_content
Nacris Darkwalker - utgamecontent.utvehicle_darkwalker_content
Necris Fury - utgamecontent.utvehicle_fury_content
Necris Nemesis - utgamecontent.utvehicle_nemesis_content
Necris Nightshade - utgamecontent.utvehicle_nightshade_content
Necris Scavenger - utgamecontent.utvehicle_scavenger_content
Necris Viper - utgamecontent.utvehicle_viper_content
Slow Volume Cube - utgamecontent.utslowvolume_content

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