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Unreal Tournament 3 Cheats "Steam achievements" (PC)


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Steam achievements

Ace - Get the "Top Gun" award in 20 matches.
Arachnophobia - Kill 10 people with spidermines in deathmatch.
Armadillo - Get the "Roadkill" award in 10 matches.
Around the World - Win a multiplayer match on every map.
Avenger - 20 successful retributions against a betrayer.
Bag of Bolts - Complete Chapter 3 in Insane.
Bag of Bones - Deliver 50 skulls in one score in Greed against adept or higher skilled bots.
Behemoth - Become a Behemoth 10 times.
Being a Hero - Return 100 Orbs in Warfare matches.
Big Game Hunter - Get the "Big Game Hunter" award in 10 matches.
Brain Surgeon - Get the "Head Hunter" award in 10 matches.
Can't Be Trusted - Grab 200 points worth of betrayal pots.
Connect the Dots - Complete 100 Warfare matches played to at least 3 points.
Deathwish - Get "Bullseye" (self-destruct to destroy an enemy) award in 20 matches.
Delivering the Hurt - Have over 20 minutes of "UDamage Time".
Does Not Compute - Complete Chapter 3.
Don't Taze Me Bro! - Get the "Combo King" award in 10 matches.
Eradication - Get 100 kills with the Eradicator.
Fear the Reaper - Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign in Insane.
Flag Waver - Completed 100 CTF matches played to at least 3 captures.
Get a Life - Get 200 kills in multiplayer on 50 different days.
Goo God - Get the "Biohazard" award in 10 matches.
Got Your Back - Complete 10 missions in co-op.
Hammerhead - Get the "JackHammer" award in 10 matches.
Hat Trick - Achieve a Hat Trick in 10 CTF or VCTF matches.
Have a Nice Day - Get the "Rocket Scientist" award in 10 matches and "Flak Master" award in 10 matches.
I Need Some Backup - Complete 1 mission in co-op.
I See How It Is - Complete an Instant Action match in every game mode.
I'm Not on a Holy War - Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign.
Jack of All Trades - Kill an enemy with every vehicle (except hoverboard).
Just Business - Complete Chapter 2 in Insane.
Killjoy - End sprees in 20 matches.
Let's Get It On - Complete a multiplayer match in every game type.
Like the Back of My Hand - Collect every power up on every map.
Lock and Load - Complete Chapter 1.
Never Saw It Coming - Have over 20 minutes of "Invisibility Time".
Not in Kansas Anymore - Complete Chapter 4.
Off To a Good Start - Get the "First Blood" award in 40 matches.
Online Champion - Win 500 online matches.
Open War - Complete Chapter 4 in Insane.
Paint the Town Red - Complete 100 Deathmatch or Duel matches played to at least 20 kills.
Pistolero - Get the "Gun Slinger" award in 10 matches.
Seeing Red - Have over 20 minutes of "Berserk Time".
Serial Killer - Get the "Killing Spree" award in 20 matches.
Shard-o-matic - Get the "Blue Streak" award in 10 matches.
Sir Slays-a-Lot - Get the "Monster Kill" award in 20 matches.
Skull Collector - Score 500 skulls in Greed.
Soldier's Blood - Complete Chapter 2.
Spice of Life - Play a match with every mutator, using only 1 per match.
Strongest Link - Get the "Shaft Master" award in 10 matches.
Survival of the Fittest - Have over 10 minutes of "Invulnerable Time".
Thanks To All the Little People - Complete a campaign in co-op.
The Slow Lane - Use the Slow Field power-up for over 10 minutes total.
Thirty Minutes or Less - Complete 100 VCTF matches played to at least 3 captures.
Titanic - Become a titan 20 times.
Unholy - 10 kills with every Titan weapon in one Titan transformation.
Untouchable - Reach 20 kills against a god-like bot in instant action without dying.

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