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Unreal Cheats "Killing the "Stone Titan" Mario-style" (PC)


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Killing the "Stone Titan" Mario-style

During the "Velora Pass" map, after Skaarj Outpost 3J and before Bluff Eversmoking, you must fight a Titan that is stronger than any other. Retrieve the Dispersion Pistol power-up from the plate in front of its throne. It comes to life and the bridge to the next level drops into a lava-filled chasm. You are supposed to kill it and stand on its chair to make the bridge rise again in order to continue. However, this can be done in a satisfyingly retro way, without firing a shot. Instead of wasting your firepower on it, lure the Titan around towards the back of the structure that its throne is mounted in. It is a stupid creature and will follow you, albeit slowly. Run quickly around to the front, step on the plate in the seat of the throne, and dodge the Titan until the bridge is high enough to cross. Proceed across the bridge and hide around the corner (after luring the Titan back into your field of view if necessary), popping out every now and then to ensure it is still following, dodging boulders as necessary. Wait until the Titan is far enough onto the bridge so that it cannot turn back fast enough. Quickly run up and hit the lever on the right-hand bridge support. The bridge will fall and after a short while the Titan will die. The lava causes incremental damage; at least five "hits" from the lava is needed to kill it. You will know that it is dead when the ground stops shaking. Hit the lever again to raise the bridge and survey your handiwork if desired; either way the door to the next level is now open.

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