Urban Chaos PC Cheats

Rating 4

Dancing Stern

Enable debug mode, then press Shift + J. Stern will start dancing wherever she is. Press Shift + J again to change her moves.

Rating 2

Gate Crasher level glitch

Play the game until you get to the Gate Crasher level. Head towards the rear entrance and a man will tell you to talk to Wild Bill insidethe night club . Talk to the man with a green shirt and blue suspenders. After that, get down on the disco floor and get near anybody doing a dance. Do not touch the keyboard as Darc'i (or Stern for short) starts dancing like the person closest to her.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Press F9 to display the console window. Type bangunsnotgames to enable cheat mode and invincibility, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Advance to indicated game point - telw
Explosion cluster - boo
Fluorescent green graphics - cctv
Level completed - win
Level lost - lose
Music select - world
Play as Officer D'arci - darci
Play as Roper - roper
Return to saved waypoint - telr
Save a waypoint on map - tels
Set ambient light - ambient
Set fog fade level - fade
Toggle Crinkles - crinkles

Rating 1

Cheat mode (in-game)

Enable cheat mode, then resume game play. Press one of the following keys during game play to activate the corresponding cheat:

Create light - L
Exit game - F3
Explosive barrel - R
Move forward 10 feet or onto ledge - G
Pause - '
Rain ripples - W
Random vehicle - E
Slow motion - Semicolon
Smoke trails - >
Spawn weapons - F12
Stealth debug mode - /
Toggle clouds - F11
Toggle enemy view -
Toggle enemy view -
Toggle enemy view - P
View car paths - Q
View coordinates grid - J
View game statistics - Ctrl
View pedestrian walking areas - I
Create helicopter - O
Create wild cat - A
Create bodyguard for Darci - Shift
Select game effect - KEYPAD 7
Execute game effect - KEYPAD 5
Orange fog - KEYPAD 3

Rating 1

Level skip

Start a level, press ESC and press ENTER + UP. The save screen will appear. Save the game, and it a map screen showing you that you have already completed the level will appear. Repeat this in every level to easily complete the game.