Vertex Dispenser PC Cheats

Rating 3

Steam Achievements

Clear Passage - Eliminate the Enemy on Mythic Portal (normal difficulty).
Color Implosion - Exceed seven colours.
Colour Puzzle - Complete Colour Puzzle.
Cooperation - Beat m hard AIs with n human players, where m>n.
Doppelpopolis - Have two Doppelgangers in play at once.
Egg Carton - Have a dozen white vertices.
Exuberant Struggle - Complete Arcane Lore (maximum difficulty).
It's Only Fair - Complete Slaughterhouse without dying (normal difficulty).
Mythic Portal - Complete Episode 1.
Polychromatic Apocalypse Engine - Complete Episode 2.
Secret Weapon - Collect the Expand Edges ability on Time to Defend (normal difficulty).
Super Portal Rush - Complete Mythic Portal in 1:30 (normal difficulty).