Virtua Tennis 3 PC Cheats

Rating 4

Duke and King

-To unlock Duke, win the singles match in tournament mode with a flawless C ranking or better.

-To unlock King, win the singles match in tournament mode with a flawless D ranking or worse.

Rating 2

Easy points

While defending to receive a shot from opponent, right before the opponent hits it, make a move in any direction and then in the opposite direction. You will always receive the ball at the opposite direction where you moved last. 

Rating 1

Quick Volley skill increase

In Career mode, play the "Defend The Prize" mini-game repeatedly. Choose one prize and stand in front of it (ignore the others). Simply defend that one prize. You will easily win the mini-game every time and be able to increase your Volley skill as quickly as desired.

Rating 1

Unlockable Rackets

Unlock the following rackets by performing the corresponding tasks:

Frying Pan racket - Get three strikes in a row in the pin crusher mini-game.
Guitar racket - Defeat duke or king in a SPT.
Tambourine racket - Make 100 lob shots.
Wooden racket - Beat king of players mode.
Blue racket - Win all four Grand Slams in World Tourmode.
Blue Hand racket - Hit 1,000 Max serves in Career mode.

Rating 1

Drop serve

When serving in a match, press DOWN + SLICE + TOP SPIN.