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Virtual Springfield Cheats "Key and object locations" (PC)


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Key and object locations

Krusty's Office - Krusty key in money drawer at Town Hall.
Skinner's Office - "Spanky" key in lost and found box at Moe's Tavern.
Cemetery Telescope - In e-mail on Skinner's computer.
Miss Hoover's Bottom Drawer - Paper in Lisa's desk drawer.
Gerbil Cage - Gerbil food in Miss Hoover's bottom drawer.
School Lockers - Slip of paper under Bart's bed.
Grampa's Bottom Drawer - Paper in Bart's locker.
Stone Cutters - Ring in Grandpa's bottom drawer.
Mr. Burns' Washroom - CMB key in Stone Cutters.
Other - Book in Stone Cutters can make Flanders' kids act possessed

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