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Viva Pinata Cheats "Badgesicle" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Badgesicles are level 5, have a base value of 1,500 Chocolate Coins, and have a License Plate attack. It will need two or more nocturnal residents in the garden. For a Badgesicle to visit,  four nocturnal residents are required. Before it can become a  resident, it must eat one Newtgat and two Pumpkins. It must eat one Squazzil and two Tulip Seeds to romance, and there must be a Badgesicle house in the garden. To change its color to red, feed it an apple. To change its color to blue, feed it a Bluebell Seed. To change its color to fuchsia, feed it a Jar Of Honey and a Water Lily Flower.

2 years ago

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