War Commander PC Cheats

Rating 10

Cheat mode

-After selecting the units, click the woman's head on the left followed the woman's head on the right at the command menu bar at the bottom right of the screen. Click the eagle between the two women. The word "OK" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Click the left eagle at the top bar with the date and time to enable God mode. Click the right eagle to advance to the next level. Select the "Armalite" on the command menu bar to reload your ammo.

-Click on the eagle on top of the small level map on the command menu on the bottom of the screen to upgrade your troops' rank. The higher the rank, the stronger your troops.

Rating 4

Building defenses

The engineer is the only unit that can construct buildings and should thus be used to build a defensive perimeter.

Rating 3


Always team a scout with a sniper. Scouts can see farther, providing more targets for the range of the sniper's rifle.

Rating 3

Changing range and firepower

Place units in a civilian or military building. Depending on the number of units in a building, their visual range and firepower will increase.

Rating 1

Better reconnaissance

Camouflage the scout before you explore enemy areas. That unit will be almost invisible.

Rating 0

Mission bonuses

Complete the additional goals within a mission to obtain extra supplies and reinforcements. 

Rating 0


Do not toss grenades upwards on a hill. They can roll back towards your units.