WarCraft 2: Beyond The Dark Portal PC Cheats

Rating 3

Hear different unit phrases

Select a unit four times, then select it again to hear a different phrase. This may be done on every ground unit, air unit, and heroes. Depending on type, four to seven different phrases may be heard.

Rating 3

Sheep kill

Repeatedly click the mouse over the sheep.

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Press ENTER to display the two player message box, type one of the following codes, then press ENTER again to activate the corresponding cheat. Note: A cheat may be disabled by repeating the code. Cheats will affect all players in multi-player mode.

Display map, except for fog of war - on screen or showpath
Display multi-player map - showmap
Restore fog of war - swapmasks
Faster building, upgrades, and unit production - make it so
Boost unit strength - it is a good day to die
Instant win - unite the clans
Instant loss - you pitiful worm
Increases gold, wood, and oil - glittering prizes
Increases oil - valdez or spycob
Faster wood chopping - hatchet or axe & saw
Armor and weapon upgrades - deck me out
Spell upgrades - every little thing she does
Win entire game - there can be only one
Enable level select - tigerlily
Jump to specified Orc level - orc
Jump to specified Human level - human
Go Bruins message - ucla
Display flashing red line background - netprof
FIEF mode - day
Faster demo screens - fastdemo
Disable Orc traps - tombstone or noglues
Disable total victory - never a winner
Toggle cheat mode, disable intro - title
Alternate music for "Beyond the Dark Portal" [NOTE 1] - disco
Allow multiplayer game surrender - allowsync

NOTE 1: A footman will sing to disco music.

Rating 1

Sword from Warcraft

When you build the human blacksmith, the highest upgrade sword from the original Warcraft will be there.

Rating 1

Instant Mana

Use someone's magic, such as the Holy Vision, Fireball, Runes, or Death Coil, and press "Stop" immediately before they perform the spell. This requires precise timing. Note: It is easier to press S to stop faster.