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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War Cheats "Subsystem channel names" (PC)


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Subsystem channel names

Show the following sub-systems by to use the corresponding entries with the simvis_toggle code:

Ambient lighting - EnviroHandler
Terrain (ground) visibility - TerrainHandler
The skybox - SkyHandlerStencil
Animation for in-game movies - NISletAnimHandler
All ground decoration (not buildings) - TerrainOverlayHandler
Rubble - TerrainDecoratorHandler
Markers on bridges and in cover - marker_handler
Marks relative position of units - scargroups_handler
Visibility of units - AnimatorHandler
Infiltration units - GhostHandler
Shadows - ShadowHandler
Water - OceanHandler
Special effects (tracers, lasers, smoke, etc.) - FXHandler
Dynamic lights - LightManagerHandler
Dynamic sound (not ambient sounds or music) - SoundHandler
Show the boundary box of each model - BoundVolumeHandle

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