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Warhammer: Shadow Of The Horned Rat PC Cheats

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Cheat Mode

Press ALT + ESC to run the game in windowed mode. Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "army.mrc" file in the "\shadow of the horned rat\saved\" directory. You can modify any unit listed or add new or killed ones; and add magic items or spells. You may modify the number of troops or active troops given after the "s_side" parameter as


You may change any of the values after "s_move" as they represent the stats from the book, in the order: Increase Move (non-mounted only), Weapon Skill, Balistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, Wounds, Initiative, Attacks, or Leadership.


You can add the names to magic items them to any units after the banner line.


You can add the names for spells to any wizards after the banner line.


You can view the .MRC and .BTS files in the "shadow of the horned rat\file\script" directory for more information. Once you save the file and return to the game, click the "Maximize" icon to return to full screen. The game iwll now have your modified changes. Note: You can only modify "army.mrc" after loading a game as it is stored in memory after this.

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Magic item locations

Notes: It is not possible to acquire all the items. You cannot trade magic items between units. You must make sure the correct unit gets the correct item. Each unit can only hold a maximum of five items. Note: You can drink potions to make space for more powerful artifacts.

Sword Of Might: "Protect Schnappelburg" mission. Found to the right of the clump trees in the center of the map. This sword gives the user bonus strength.

Dragon Blade: "Sven Carlsson" mission. There is a snowman behind the house/tower in the top right corner. Once you have killed everyone, bring your cavalry over to it and touch it. This will give you the Dragon Blade, the most powerful sword in the game. Your cavalry can now use the Grudgebringer to shoot a fire ball and the Dragon Blade to do twice the damage.

Shield Of Ptolos: "Rescue Ilmarin" mission. You can find it behind the clump of trees to the west. This shield increases the wielder's chance of deflecting missile attacks, including war engines.

Sword Of Heroes: "Slave Train" Carlson sub mission. The item is behind the building near the graveyard. It is only effective against opponents with a toughness of 5 or more, such as trolls.

Potion Of Strength: There are six potions in five different missions. The six Potions Of Strength are only effective for one battle, but are useful due to elevating the characters strength by about 4.

"Shattered Pass" mission, in the northeast corner of the map.
"Valley Of The Trolls" mission, near the second stream of lava on the east wall.
"The Vermin Burrows" mission, near the two rocks.
"Surprise Attack" mission, near the rock to northeast of the map.
"Final Battle" mission, near some trees or a building just to the northeast very close to your setup area. Another potion is also somewhere on the map. This potion is the last item you can find.

Banner Of Wrath: "Valley Of The Trolls" mission. The banner is at the three lava pools to the west. The banner shoots out powerful lightning bolts. You need to use the Grudgebringer Cavalry and Ceridan.

Banner Of Arcane Protection: "The Vermin Burrows" mission. The banner is between a rock and cave down west. The banner dispels hostile magic with a 50% chance.

Banner Of Arcane Warding: "Suprise Attack" mission. The banner is in the west between the tents. This banner reflects hostile spells in a random direction.

Talisman Of Obsidian: "Squatters Rights" mission. The only way to get to this mission is to get to Zhufbar through the mountain pass, and not underground. The item is in the far east behind the house. This item cancels all magic cast at or near the holder.
Banner Of Might: "Slave Assault" mission. The item is behind a pile of rocks near the north wall.

Armour Of Meteoric Iron: "Bandits Hideout" mission. You do these missions at Nuln. However if you do any of the bandit missions instead of going to Loren immediately after talking to the Emperor, you will not not get the Reiksgard Knight cavalry unit. This item is in the Bandit hideout camp mission after the Decoy mission. The item is in the far west behind the tents. It grants the character extra protection from wounds.

Dreadbanner: "Extermination" mission. Make sure you attack the caves. The item is in the eastern corner, near a cave.

Parrying Blade: "Patrol Loren" mission. You can do this mission when in Loren. The item is behind the third rock to the east. Note: The rock is just near the small valley. It makes the owner more likely to dodge enemy attacks.

Armour Of The Beard: Found on various characters.

Grudge Bringer: Found on various characters.

Sword Of Elior: Found on various characters.

Rock Splitter: Found on various characters. 

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Easy wins

Toward the end of the game you will have plenty of archers and cannons (Imperial, Normal, Mortars, etc.). Bring all of them into a battle with a few bodyguards (Grudgebringer Calvary, Dwarves, etc.). Set them up in a line (bodyguard, cannon, archers, Imperial Cannon, bodyguard, archers, cannon, bodyguard, bodyguard). As soon as the enemies get near, open fire. Sometimes you may not be able to complete (for example, Loren Forest). It is actually useful to intentionally lose them. To do so, only bring your Grudgebringer Calvary and have them go to the edge of the screen. As soon as someone charges at you, hold [Retreat] and run. You will not get the gold, but you may progress to the next misison.

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