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Warlords: Battlecry 2 Cheats "Easy experience hints" (PC)


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Easy experience hints

-Play the Eyries map and put the enemies at Emperor. When the battle ends, you should get about 47 experience.

-Create a new hero and select Ironman mode, then go to the map editor and create a new map. Build up a huge base for yourself. Surround your base with walls, then create a massive army of dragons. You do not need to put any resources for your base; just a handful of dragons. Next, work on your enemies' bases. Put in as many enemy bases as desired, and have the CPU have a massive weak army. Use Pikeman or any of the building characters. During game play, send your dragons out. Make sure that they are rampant. They will easily destroy every enemy, and you will get over 200 experience points for the battle. Make sure you make the battle at least three minutes. If you end the battle quickly, you will only get 20 to 40 experience points.

-This trick only works for Wizards with throwing spells such as Armageddon or any long range attack spell. In Build A Map mode, place bulwarks or rocks around your hero. Once done, take pikemen or some other easy to defeat unit and set as many as you can on the outside. Play the map. Take out your spells and kill the small units. You should hear the narrator after you kill enough of them. She will say something like "That was an heroic effort", which indicates that your hero killed enough opponents to get extra experience points. You can earn levels easily, and get a good hero. Note: It is a good idea to put the enemy hero in the same thing you are in then place a couple of dragons on the map to kill him.

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