Warzone 2100 PC Cheats

Rating 4

Cheat Codes

Press T, type one of the following codes, then press ENTER to activate the corresponding cheat. Note: These codes will only work in v1.01 of the game.

Toggle mission timer - time toggle
Kill all enemy units on map - get off my land
1000 extra power - show me the power
Unlimited power - whale fin
Mission skip - hallo mein schatz
All active research completed - work harder
All units twice as powerful - double up
View frame rate and graphics engine data - timedemo
Kill selected units - kill selected
Toggle between snow, rain, and clear skies - john kettley
Easy difficulty level - easy
Normal difficulty level - normal
Hard difficulty level - hard
View game compilation date - version
Display programmer message - carol vorderman
Units almost indestructible - biffer baker
Stronger units - sparkle green
Toggles screen shaking when unit explodes - shakey
Display game speed - how fast
Flips direction when you change the angle you are looking at the battlefield (looking straight down on the ground vs. level on battlefield) - mouseflip
Map jumps around - demo mode

Rating 0

Debug mode

Start the game with the - - -imacheatingscallywagger command line parameter (for example, -fullscreen -1024x768 -imacheatingscallywagger). Then, press SHIFT + ? during game play. The message "Debug mode enabled" will confirm correct code entry. Activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding keys:

All research, weapons, structures, etc. - A
Remove scroll limits - J
Kill selected unit - K
List all commands - M
Give templates to player - N
Toggle visibility - V
Lower tile height - W
Demo mode - Y
End mission; no effect in Skirmish mode - CTRL + B
Show unit info - CTRL + E
"God mode" like sat uplink; may not always work - CTRL + G
Recalculate lighting - CTRL + I
Toggle fog - CTRL + J
Toggle mist - CTRL + K
Toggle fog color - CTRL + L
Add mission-keep or end mission - CTRL + M
New player game power (4000) - CTRL + N
Debug screen - CTRL + O
Unlimited power - CTRL + P
Toggle weather - CTRL + Q
Complete current research - CTRL + X
View frame rate - CTRL + Y