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Steam Achievements

Airline pilot - 15 seconds of airtime in one level
Armed and Dangerous - Maxed out the weapon level
Arsonist - Turned 5 enemies into flames with one Napalm
Big boom - Killed 5 enemies with one Nuke
Casualties - Killed a civilian
Combo Kill - 2 Kill combo
Danger Of Explosion - 10 special weapons collected (but not used yet)
Driving school - 25 checkpoints collected in Racing bonus level
First Blood - Killed an enemy driver
Frenzy - 25 kills in Frenzy bonus level
Full Batteries - Recharge to full hitpoints in Recharge Area
Ganger slayer - Harvester boss killed
Genocide - 20 Kill combo
Getting started - Tutorials passed
Invincible - Full armor collected
Lets hit the big points - 99x multiplier
Lets make some more points - 50x multiplier
Lets make some points - 20x multiplier
Multi Kill - 5 Kill combo
Mutant slayer - Mutant boss killed
Rally driver - 50 checkpoints collected in Racing bonus level
Renegade slayer - Tank boss killed
Saviour of Coalhaven - Location 3 Finished
Saviour of Core - Location 2 Finished
Saviour of Dale - Location 6 Finished
Saviour of Highwall - Location 5 Finished
Saviour of New Dallas - Location 4 Finished
Saviour of Veranda - Location 1 Finished
Score chaser - 1 Million score
Score Hoarder - 10 Million score
Score Maniac - 100 Million score
Score warmup - 100K score
Serial Killer - 10 Kill combo
Sniper - Finished a level with over 25% accuracy
Splatter - Drive over 10 enemy drivers in one level
Survivor - 25 kills in Survival bonus level
True Angel - All civilians saved in one level
True survivor - 50 kills in Survival bonus level
Ultimate frenzy - 50 kills in Frenzy bonus level
War hero - Finished the Story mode

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