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Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa PC Cheats

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Watering holes

After animal families grow, a second ecosystem have to be established. Find a second watering hole on the map. If it is dried up, use your jewels for rain. Three rainstorms are required to completely fill a watering hole. After the new watering hole is ready, drive some of your animals to it. Select an animal and guide it to the new watering hole or new food sources. After it finds the food or water, it will remember the location and return there independently. It will also teach its offspring where to find the food or water source. Note: Do not select an animal that is too hungry or thirsty or it may not reach the water or food. Also, you can click on the map locations to switch between watering holes quickly. Some species have a maximum number of individuals that can live together (for example, lions are limited to four in one group). To meet a higher lion goal, establish another watering hole with adequate food sources.

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