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Wolfenstein Cheats "Character names" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Character names

Use one of the following entries with the spawn code. Note: Spawning a character that is not usually present on the current map may crash the game.

Blonde Elite Guard with a dagger - enemies_elite_guard
Brunette Elite Guard with a whip - enemies_elite_guard_02
Flamethrower Trooper - enemies_ak_flame_trooper
Friendly Kreisau soldier with an MP40 SMG - allies_kreisau_soldier_01
Green Despoiled - enemies_despoiled_green
Heavy Trooper - enemies_ak_heavy_trooper
Red Despoiled - enemies_despoiled_red
Rocket Trooper with a jetpack - enemies_ak_rocket_trooper
Scribe - enemies_scribe
Sniffer - enemies_sniffer
Wehrmacht officer with an MP40 SMG - enemies_wehrmacht_officer
Wehrmacht sniper with a sniper rifle - enemies_wehrmacht_sniper
Wehrmacht soldier with a Kar98 rifle - enemies_wehrmacht_infantry
Wehrmacht soldier with an MP40 smg - enemies_wehrmacht_infantry_mp40
Spawns an Altered - enemies_altered
Spawns an Assassin - enemies_ak_assassin
Spawns an SS officer with an MP43 assault rifle - enemies_SS_officer
Spawns an SS soldier with an MP43 assault rifle - enemies_SS_sentry
Spawns friendly Erik Engle with an MP40 SMG - allies_kreisau_erik

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