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Wolfenstein Cheats "Item names" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Item names

Use one of the following entries with the spawn code.

ammo_flame (Flammenwerfer ammo)
ammo_lf44 (Leichenfaust 44 cannon ammo)
ammo_mauser (Mauser ammo)
ammo_mdl24 (MDL24 ammo)
ammo_mp40 (MP40 ammo)
ammo_mp43 (MP43 ammo)
ammo_panzer (Panzer ammo)
ammo_particle_cannon (Particle cannon ammo)
ammo_shroud (Shroud ammo)
ammo_tesla (Tesla ammo)
weapon_flammenwerfer (flamethrower)
weapon_grenade (MDL.24 grenade)
weapon_lf44 (Leichenfaust 44 cannon)
weapon_mauser98 (Kar98 bolt-action rifle)
weapon_panzerschreck (rocket launcher)
weapon_plasma_cannon (particle cannon)

Note: Certain ammo summoning codes work inconsistently, especially the following: ammo_panzer, ammo_flame, and ammo_shroud. Sometimes the aforementioned item spawns, but on some maps a messages in the console window like the following text. When this occurs, simply spawn the weapon in question and that will also provide ammunition.

spawned entity 'idItem_ammo_shroud_1309'
spawned entity 'idItem_ammo_flame_281'
spawned entity 'idItem_ammo_panzer_288'

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