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World of Warcraft Cheats "Chat commands" (PC)


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Chat commands

Activate the following effects by entering the corresponding codes into the chat window:

Dance - /dance
Sleep - /sleep
Fart - /fart
Joke - /silly
Click on other player to spit on them - /spit
Click on other player to cry on their shoulder - /cry
Click on other player to wave at them - /wave
Click on other player to flirt with them - /flirt
Click on other player to blow a kiss - /kiss
Clock on other player to mourn them - /mourn
Gives current bind location - /bind
Cast spells by name - /cast
List guild commands - /ghelp
List chat commands - /chat or /chathelp
Your character follows selected player - /follow or /f
Send message to party chat - /party or /p
Send message to people near you - /say or /s
Send reply to the last person who sent you a tell - /r
List players online - /who
Yell message to the area around you - /yell or /y
Create an emote - /em
Display amount of time game played with current character - /played
Send text to channel number - /[channel], /c, or /csay
Toggle join and leave announcements on channel - /announcements or /ann
Set your Away From Keyboard flag - /afk
Set Do Not Disturb flag - /dnd
Ban or unban player from channel - /ban
Unban player from channel - /unban
List channels - /chatlist
List channel members - /chatwho or /chatinfo [channel]
Invite player to channel - /cinvite or /chatinvite
Join channel - /join, /channel, or /chan
Kick player from channel - /kick
Leave a channel (or all channels) - /leave, /chatleave, or /chatexit [channel]
Set player's moderator status - /mod or /moderator
Remove player's moderator status - /unmod or /unmoderator
Toggle moderation on channel - /moderate
Change player's mute permission - /mute or /unmute
Change player's squelch permission - /squelch or /unsquelch
Change player's voice permission - /voice or /unvoice
Change password - /password or /pass

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